IAP 2014 Courses

MIT offers a range of entrepreneurship-related courses during IAP. The Martin Trust Center is proud to continue that tradition into IAP 2014.


15.S21 IAP The Nuts and Bolts of New Ventures/Business Plans

Tue-Thu, Jan 21-23, 28-30, 6-9pm, Room 34-101 | Instructors: Joseph Hadzima, Jr.; Joost Bonsen | 3 units graded P/D/F; H level credit | Listeners allowed, space permitting

The nuts and bolts of preparing a business plan will be explored in this 25th annual course offering. The course is open to members of the MIT community and to others interested in entrepreneurship. It is particularly recommended for persons who are interested in starting or are involved in a new business. Because some of the speakers will be judges of the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition, persons who are planning to enter the $100K should find the course particularly useful. Pre-registration is required for Credit or to Listen. In the past approximately 50% of the class has been from the Engineering/Science/Architecture Schools and 50% from the Sloan School of Management.

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15.S24 IAP From MIT to CEO: Technologists Leading Startup Ventures

Tue Jan 7, Wed Jan 8, Thu Jan 9, 3-6pm, Room E51-345 **new room** | Instructor: Noubar Afeyan | 1 unit graded P/D/F; G level credit | No listeners

Startup ventures form a special class of enterprise that translates innovations into commercial offerings often disrupting large markets. This course will focus on the characteristics, requirements and role of a technologist-CEO in a startup. We will analyze the role from many points of view including as chief strategist, fundraiser, recruiter, motivator, promoter, market developer, sales person, visionary, communicator and paranoid optimist.

To participate, register on WebSIS and attend the first class.

15.S25 IAP The Story of One Laptop Per Child

Mon Jan 13 - Thu Jan 16, 3-6pm, Room E51-376 | Instructor: Charles Kane | 3 units graded P/D/F; G level credit | No listeners

This course explores the challenges and successes of the social entrepreneurship adventure One Laptop Per Child. The project involved many engineering, business, and distribution decisions that one would encounter in any other social entrepreneurship venture. We explore and describe the current state and future vision of the project. Students are invited to participate in helping impact the direction of the future of the project. Students should sign up on WebSIS by December 20th, 2013.

Students are require to purchase Learning to Change the World: The social impact of one laptop per child by Charles Kane and Walter Bender. Kindle copies are available via Amazon.com and some copies may be available at the MIT Press or MIT Coop.

To participate, register on WebSIS by 12/20/2013. For more info, contact Bridgette Hayes.

15.S62 IAP The Business of Robotics

Mon Jan 13, 8:30am-5pm, Room E62-233 | Instructors: Bill Aulet, Matt Beane | 1 unit graded P/D/F; H level credit | No listeners

Hype and hopes are high for robotics in business. This intensive workshop is devoted to helping us separate the two. We will generate answers through our own research, and we will be joined by a panel of outside experts - from industry, robotics firms, academia and beyond. This field is changing rapidly, so our main goal will be to generate new knowledge that these experts should find interesting. The basic design of the workshop will include a brief orienting lecture at the beginning of the day. You will be responsible for some advance reading so we can move quickly. The panel will also occur in the morning, and the afternoon will be an "unconference" where you will collectively determine your research focus and plans. A research report will be due by the end of IAP, and will be included in a shared set of research findings, available to all participants.

To express your interest in participating, click here. For more info, contact Matt Beane.



offered jointly by the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and StartLabs

Throughout IAP | By application only (limited to 10 teams) | Instructors: Christina Chase, Bill Aulet, Seve Esparrago

During this IAP-long accelerator, teams will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on workshops on topics such as agile product management, legal responsibilities, and fundraising taught by industry experts like Paul English and Bill Aulet alongside other Entrepreneurs-in-Residence from the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. Teams will also have dedicated space in the Martin Trust Center and will be given access to labs around campus to further develop their products and companies. During StartIAP, teams will have every chance to go all the way from concept to company.

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The Five Questions to Ask Before Building a Startup (from the team that brought you (in)Validating Your Startup)

Mon Jan 13, 10am-2pm, 32-144 | Instructors: Colin Kennedy, Elliot Cohen | Advance signup required; limited to 60 participants

You’re at MIT; you're smart, driven, and creative: all the ingredients to build a startup and change the world. A year after you take the plunge, you’ll look back at the story and see things you wish you’d known. What questions should you have asked?

We’ll discuss the five most important questions every founder, core team member, or early employee should ask before signing on for the wild ride.

Hint: you’ll learn about Team, Market, Product, Technology, and Money.

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