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18 05, 2021

On to the Next Chapter


Have you ever finished a riveting book and realized that the plot, characters, and setting have left an indelible mark on your being? That is how I will always remember the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship – the people, energy, and ideas will forever imprint the fabric of my life. ...

On to the Next Chapter2021-05-18T16:56:28+00:00
24 02, 2021

We See Ourselves as Entrepreneurs, But Others See Our Gender or Race


Last November, the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship celebrated Women’s Entrepreneurship Month by featuring a different female entrepreneur each day on Instagram. Accompanying each photo was a short Q&A with questions about their entrepreneurship journey, including, “What are 3 words to describe entrepreneurs who are female?” One response, ...

We See Ourselves as Entrepreneurs, But Others See Our Gender or Race2021-02-24T15:51:27+00:00
19 11, 2020

Wisdom From the Women Who Support MIT’s Entrepreneurs


Today, November 19, is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, a day celebrating and encouraging female entrepreneurship. Our student venture accelerator program, delta v, has launched some amazing female entrepreneurs, and our historical data show us that the women-led delta v companies surpass our very impressive overall stat that 3 of every 4 ...

Wisdom From the Women Who Support MIT’s Entrepreneurs2021-02-11T01:48:15+00:00
26 10, 2020

Entrepreneurial Confidence and Mental Health


The pandemic affects everyone. Today, we are all dealing with a different model for living; many people are working or attending school virtually, there is less social interaction, greater isolation, more juggling of home and work duties, and of course the anxiety and pain if loved ones become sick or ...

Entrepreneurial Confidence and Mental Health2021-02-11T01:52:13+00:00
26 06, 2020

Pivoting MIT delta v


2020 is a year we’ll remember for many reasons, but the class of 2020 will certainly look back at how crowd-filled graduation ceremonies were transformed into unique and socially-distanced celebrations amid COVID-19 restrictions. At MIT’s delta v, we can relate, being just weeks in to our summer-long student venture accelerator, ...

Pivoting MIT delta v2020-06-26T14:16:36+00:00
3 02, 2020

Finding the “Aha!” Moment at MIT’s Entrepreneurship Development Program


This slightly scary piece of encouragement might leave you with a bit of trepidation. But, an alum of MIT’s week-long Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) vows this program changed her business completely. So, what is MIT’s Entrepreneurship Development Program? Let me offer a peek inside the program from the view of a ...

Finding the “Aha!” Moment at MIT’s Entrepreneurship Development Program2020-02-03T12:39:14+00:00
15 01, 2020

Why We Need to Redefine Startup Culture With Positive Mental Health Habits


Data shows self-awareness practices helped MIT entrepreneurs better manage the stress of entrepreneurship. Anxiety and depression are rampant among entrepreneurs. The stereotype of a founder — fueled by caffeine and ramen noodles, while forgoing sleep, exercise, fresh air, friends, and family in the quest for success — has been the ...

Why We Need to Redefine Startup Culture With Positive Mental Health Habits2020-01-15T13:10:06+00:00
7 01, 2020

Entrepreneurship 2020: A Look Ahead


Heading into a new decade is a time for both reflection and predictions. What have we learned about entrepreneurship? And what do we see as trends moving forward? 2019 marked the tenth summer that MIT’s Martin Trust Center has hosted an accelerator and the eighth year of our formal MIT delta ...

Entrepreneurship 2020: A Look Ahead2020-01-07T13:02:28+00:00
6 11, 2019

Why Give Back? Reflections from delta v Board Members


This post is written by Trish Cotter, Associate Managing Director of the Trust Center, and the director of the MIT delta v accelerator program. At MIT delta v, the capstone educational accelerator for MIT students run by the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, our board members are a very special ...

Why Give Back? Reflections from delta v Board Members2019-11-06T12:12:46+00:00
3 04, 2019

Women and Work: Intentional Invisibility?


Be seen. Speak up. Make your voice heard. These are lessons that are taught as we enter the workforce and climb the ladder to corporate success. Yet, many women are uncomfortable with this advice, even though they want to succeed. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review titled “Why Women Stay ...

Women and Work: Intentional Invisibility?2019-04-03T15:37:27+00:00
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