BU Law Clinic: Trade Secrets & NDAs

Friday, March 03, 2017

TIME: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

LOCATION: Martin Trust Center, E40-160


Event is free to attend. No need to register and feel free to bring your own lunch if you like.

Proprietary information is the cornerstone of any business. In the age of information technology and rapid innovation, that is truer today than it ever has been. Still, many founders narrowly focus on whether their idea is patentable without considering other forms of intellectual property protection. In doing so, they fail to take full advantage of the tools available to their business.

Prominent among these tools is trade secret protection. A vast universe of information may be protected under trade secret law, regardless of whether it is also protectable under patent or copyright law. With the use of robust non-disclosure agreements, this regime can protect critical competitive information such as business plans, product designs, customer lists, and more.

Not a founder? Pretty much anyone who participates in a startup is affected in one way or another by trade secret law and non-disclosure agreements. If you’re going to partake in a startup, you should know your obligations, both contractual and general.

The BU Law Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Property Clinic is hosting a presentation about the general rules of trade secret law and the common provisions in non-disclosure agreements. Topics of discussion include:

  • What can be protected by trade secret law?
  • When might trade secret protection be triggered?
  • What are common confidentiality obligations under NDAs?
  • What other provisions may appear in an NDA?
  • How does this affect me or my business?

Questions? Email bulaw@mit.edu