Think Through Tech Industry Pain Points

Monday, November 07, 2016

TIME: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

LOCATION: Martin Trust Center, E40-160

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Join us for a round-table discussion with Joshua Redstone on the pain points he has identified in his experience in the tech industry.

Joshua’s bio:

Joshua Redstone is a software engineer and Cambridge-area entrepreneur.  He’s currently developing a kitchen product to be launched on Kickstarter.

Joshua received his PhD in Computer Science (distributed systems and computer architecture) at the University of Washington, then headed south to Silicon Valley where he worked at Google and Facebook for ten years as a software engineer.  Projects included large-scale storage systems, consensus algorithms, machine learning infrastructure, geo-spatial indexing, configuration management, and time-series indexing and display.  Between Google and Facebook he also developed mathematical software to do financial asset allocation.

His knowledge on the software side includes distributed systems, some machine learning (primarily logistic regression and probability estimation) and web stack (node, HTML5, javascript),  More recently, he’s become familiar with manufacturing (glass & plastic), prototyping and CAD (Solidworks).