Our most recent event – Thurs December 10, 2020

“How to Be a Good Ally to Under-represented Entrepreneurs”


  • Susanne Althoff, author of “Launching While Female”
  • Jasmine Edwards, Associate Director, digitalundivided; Founder & CEO, i-Subz
  • Brooke Wages (MIT Sloan ’21, Harvard MPA ’21), Founder & CEO, Surge Employment Solutions

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“The pace of change will never be slower than it is today.”

Sue Siegel, Chief Innovation Officer, GE at MIT in April 2019

2020’s humanitarian and economic disaster has created an unimaginable shock to students. The future is nothing how they imagined it just weeks ago.

What are students to do? How can they prepare for a future of increasingly rapid changes and disruptions?

At MIT, we teach our students to be antifragile—to not only survive in such a world, but to thrive in it. Ways they can get stronger in the face of adversity, incomplete information, time urgency, and dramatic outcomes. Our students figure out how to turn a negative into a positive.

This speaker series focuses on very practical lessons from world experts, building off each other in a methodical fashion. We are extremely confident that by participating in this series you will make yourself more antifragile.

Some of Our Recent Past Speakers

Carolyn Tisch Blodgett

SVP of Brand Marketing, Peloton

Caroline Brown

senior fashion industry exec at Armani & DKNY

Jacklyn Dallas

“NothingButTech” YouTube star

John Doerr

chairman, Kleiner Perkins VC

Paul English

co-founder, Lola; Kayak

Diane Greene

founder & CEO, VMware

Bill Gurley

“unicorn VC” at Benchmark Capital

Aileen Lee

founder, Cowboy Ventures

Stefania Mallett

co-founder & CEO, EZ Cater

Marc Randolph

co-founder, Netflix

Nicole Stata

founder & general partner, Boston Seed Capital

Corey Thomas

chairman & CEO, Rapid7

Jocko Willink

retired Navy SEAL, author & podcaster

Sam Zell

founder & chairman, Equity International