How MIT Plans to Grow its delta v Accelerator Program

November 6, 2017

from BostInno by Lucia Maffei As a two-person team, Bill Aulet and Trish Cotter are among the finalists of this year’s 50 on Fire. They both work side by side at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, Aulet as managing director and Cott...

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At Ayar Labs, Optical Chips Borne of MIT Research

November 3, 2017

from MIT Sloan News by Dylan Walsh In 1965, Gordon Moore noticed that computer chips were roughly doubling in power every year, following an exponential curve. The trend held with such reliability that the observation was codified into Moore’s law....

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AI-Enabled Klarity Helps Companies Identify Risks in Contracts

November 2, 2017

from MIT Sloan News by Brian Eastwood New software out of MIT uses artificial intelligence to speed up and reduce the cost of contract review for companies. Klarity is taking on nondisclosure agreements first, part of a strategy to build customer t...

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This MIT Startup is Using Mechanical Engineering to Recycle Water in Power Plants

October 20, 2017

from BostInno by Lucia Maffei At the end of the movie The Big Short, viewers are informed that Michael Burry – the man who predicted the 2008 worldwide financial crisis years before anyone else – is now focused on investing in one commodity: wat...

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MIT’s William Aulet on teaching entrepreneurship and beachhead marketing

October 19, 2017

from Venture Capital Journal by Mark Boslet Can entrepreneurship be taught in a classroom setting, or is it a set of skills learned only by doing? MIT professor William Aulet clearly comes down on the taught side of the debate. But instruction has to...

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Woobo, the Cambridge-Born Talking Robot for Children, is Here

October 16, 2017

from BostInno by Lucia Maffei Cambridge-based startup Woobo has launched the first edition of its educational toy for children – a talkative, furry round animal with a high-pitched voice, a variety of gender-neutral activities for kids, a short ...

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Meet the MIT-Born Software That’s the “Grammarly for Legal Contracts”

October 3, 2017

Klarity, which is powered by artificial intelligence, is not taking the place of legal professionals, but speeding up the contract review process, which lawyers and salespeople tend to consider a tedious, time-consuming task.

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Ori’s Robotic Furniture Hints at Future of Smart Homes, Urban Design

September 28, 2017

The “smart” device movement has brought us gadgets like Internet-connected thermostats, light bulbs, and speakers. Now, a startup out of MIT called Ori wants to add furniture and walls to the so-called Internet of Things.

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