Professional Advisors

Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola

Social enterprise, Sustainability

Francisco Aguilar

Hardware, Under-represented entrepreneurs, Government as customer

Kirk Arnold

Scaling companies

Gayatri Aryan

Intrapreneurship, Product development and launch, Customer acquisition and engagement

Dev Bala

Product management, Software platforms, IoT, Enterprise technology

Guha Bala

Gaming, Innovation, Mentorship

Aarabi Balasubramanian

HealthTech, Entrepreneurship, Corporate strategy, Business growth & operations

Dave Balter


Adam Blake

Marketing, Operations, B2B SaaS software

Clive Bolton

Electrical engineering, Embedded systems, Firmware, Design for manufacturing

Eva Breitenbach

Customer research, User personas, Product strategy

Caroline Brown

Leadership, Scaling companies, Building teams, Marketing

Al Brunett

International property protection, Patent law

Mike Caine

Mechanical engineering, Industrial automation, International business - Japan

Mike Cavaretta

Copyright, Intellectual property, International licensing, Strategic alliances, Privacy & data security

Elaine Chen

Entrepreneurship, Corporate entrepreneurship, Non-profits, Robotics

Zen Chu

Healthcare ventures, Medical devices, Angel investment

David Cohen-Tanugi

Product-market fit, Data, Materials science, Climate tech

Vanessa Coleman

Consumer hardware, Energy & water technology, Social enterprise

Trilo Das

Regulatory affairs, Pharma, Medical devices

Anand Dass

Business development, Marketplace, On-demand economy, Consumer web, SaaS, Fund-raising

Antonio Dixon

Healthcare, Renewable energy, International trade

Alyssa Dver

Pitching, Marketing (strategic and tactical), Motivating stakeholders

Max Faingezicht

Product, SaaS economics, Go-to-market, Fundraising

Sue Farina

Medical devices, Corporate law

Josh Feinblum

Security, Fraud, Privacy, Fintech, Proptech

Kamala Grasso

Product development, Product launch

Brian Greenfield

Operations, Growth, Finance, e-Commerce, Consumer marketing

Christopher Haggarty-Weir

Biotech, Healthcare

Suzi Hamill

UX, Design, Usability, Information architecture

Paul Haverstock

IoT, Data & Analytics, Software development, Software architecture, M&A

Jonathan Hung

Operations management, Multi-national business strategy

Sridhar Iyengar

Medical devices

Jared Johnson

Consumer products, eCommerce, Marketing

Kevin D. Johnson

Marketing, Business development, Software, Mentorship

Jennifer Jordan

Angel investing, Early-stage startups
Stella Karavas

Stella Karavas

Manufacturing, Accounting

Warren Katz

Angel investment, Government contracts, Hardware / software startups

Frederic Kerrest

Operations, Enterprise software, Cloud

Claudia Krimsky

Multi-media marketing, Market research, Presentation coaching

Ajay Kulkarni

IoT, Data analysis, Mobile

Joan LaRovere

Healthcare, Data analytics, Machine learning

Chris Laughlin

Value proposition; Business model development

Donna Levin

Operations, Early stage startups, Technology

Jay Liebowitz

Photonics, Negotiating, Managing

Christina Luconi

Human resources, Corporate culture, Recruiting

Jennifer Lum

Entrepreneurship and investing

Michael Madon

Leadership, Cybersecurity, Fintech

Catharina Lavers Mallet

AI, Blockchain, Video games, Innovation, Scaling

Rob Mancabelli

Marketing, Leadership, Data Analysis, Education

Stephen Marcus

IoT, Education technology, IT, Angel investment

Howard Marson

General management, Business development, Strategic partnerships

Ash Martin

Product management

Bob Mason

Seed stage investments, Product development

Aagya Mathur

Healthcare, Innovation, Analytics-Driven Insights

Mary McNamara

Angel investing, Healthcare ventures, Financial services, Marketing

Amar Mehta

Intellectual property

Rashmi Melgiri


Pete Moran

Venture capital, Digital health, Edtech

Luis Müller

International business, Finance, Value proposition

Chaki Ng

Digital and traditional media, Interactive design, Product design, Team building

Preetish Nijhawan

Growth, Venture capital, Fundraising, Enterprise software

Suzanne Oakley

Finance, Strategy

Ziad Oueslati

Africa and Emerging Markets, Private Equity, VC, Private Credit

Basak Ozer

Product management, Mobile, IoT, Europe and Near East

Andy Pechacek

Public sector, Entrepreneurship and government agencies

Bar Pereg

Go-to-Market, Customer segmentation, Social enterprises, Intrapreneurship

George Petrovas

Pharma, Sales

Adam Pool

Cleantech, Energy & water, Funding & VC

Steven Saunders

Intellectual property, Patents, Angel investing

Paul Schaut

Angel investment

Nadia Shalaby

B2B technology, Market positioning, Strategic alliances

Daniel Shen

Medical devices, Healthcare

Alok R. Singh

Business Strategy, Go-to-Market (GTM) Model, Crossing-the-Chasm Framework

Sonal Singh

Business development, Primary market research, B2B

Ali Solehdin

Product management, Product strategy, Cybersecurity, Privacy

Steph Speirs

Renewable energy, Sustainability, Fundraising, Sales

Reginald Swift

Bio-mechanical/ software engineering, Product development, Leadership, Non-dilutive funding

Grace Ueng

Marketing, Leadership, Team building, Strategy, Personal branding, Presentation coaching

John Van Amsterdam

Biotech, Intellectual property, Patents, Life sciences, Pharma

Marcus Wilson

e-Commerce, Content creation, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Operations, Finance, Marketing

Pete Wurman

AI, Robotics, Software architecture, Warehouse automation

Eileen Wynne

Accounting, Manufacturing, M&A

Jon Xu

FinTech (consumer & B2B), Team building

Wei Xun He

Consumer product development, First gen empowerment

Joe Xiongwei Zhou

Angel investment