A fundamental pillar of what we offer students is exposure to the first principles that can make them successful. It’s not enough to know what to do to succeed; students must have the confidence and capability to do the right things in practice. Action learning effectively integrates this theory and practice in an apprenticeship model, which is so appropriate for a craft like entrepreneurship.

  • The good news is that our extremely rich portfolio—60+ courses related to entrepreneurship—allows MIT students a customized educational pathway. This is important because every entrepreneurial journey is unique.
  • The bad news for MIT students is … our extremely rich portfolio. The sheer number of options can provide a difficult landscape to decode into a coherent plan.
  • Back to the good news … our Orbit platform allows students to login and receive a curated, custom educational plan based on their interests and goals, with course descriptions and detailed evaluations.

In all we do, our fundamental values and principles of operation dictate that we meet or exceed the MIT standards of excellence, integrating theory and practice, rigor and relevance, or simply put in the MIT motto, “mens et manus.”

Entrepreneurship Course Essentials
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