We hold campus-wide Pitch2Match programs regularly each semester, often at the start and end. In addition, we partner with different organizations and student groups to host Pitch2Match events as part of their programming.

Our Most Recent Event:
Thursday November 9th, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

  • Location: Trust Center, E40-160
  • Pitch Duration: 60 seconds each
  • Slide format:
    • ONE slide
    • PNG or JPEG only please
    • See below for slide submissions

Calling all climate-oriented students, staff, and faculty!¬†Pitch2Match is the Trust Center’s wildly popular matchmaking event, where founders connect with folks who can help and support them. On November 9, we’ll be doing our first category-specific event, focusing on the pressing issue of climate change.

Network, connect, and create your next opportunity or build your team with one slide & 60 seconds!

  • Founders: Find supporters, collaborators, potential customers, co-founders and talented team members.
  • Staff: find opportunities to use the campus as a testbed for cutting-edge climate solutions.
  • Faculty: Learn about the latest climate innovations coming out of MIT and the wider Boston/Cambridge ecosystem.
  • Joiners: Find a climate startup to share your talents and skills.

Or simply discover like-minded individuals who share your passions for possible future opportunities in climate innovation!

After the pitches, there will be lunch and networking!

You do not need to pitch and submit a slide in order to attend Pitch2Match.

In addition to Pitch2Match, your slide will appear in our Opportunities section on Orbit: https://orbit.mit.edu/matchmaking

Network, connect, and build your team for the semester!

  • Founders: find co-founders and talented team members
  • Joiners: find a startup to share your talents and skills

Or simply discover like-minded individuals who share your passions for possible future opportunities!

Pitch2Match is not just for MIT.
Entrepreneurial students from schools around the greater Boston area are welcome to attend and pitch as well.

Due to time constraints, we limit the number of presenters, so sign up as soon as registration opens and reserve your slot.
You do NOT need to present in order to attend.

Questions? Contact pitch2match@mit.edu


Looking to find opportunities or co-founders, but no Pitch2Match is scheduled?

Visit the Matchmaking section of our Orbit student platform and add your information online to be seen by MIT students looking to connect!