MIT fuse is a 2-1/2 week hands-on startup experience designed for students and small teams looking to work, think, and talk like an entrepreneur and start the path towards becoming a company. The program is:

  • customized to your needs
  • workshops NOT lectures
  • hard work NOT homework
  • a chance to see whether or not you like the startup and entrepreneurship lifestyle
  • a place to learn tactics that are useful today and valuable beyond startup life

During IAP, you’ll have significant time devoted to mentorship from our Entrepreneurs in Residence and have the chance to focus on:

  • storytelling and pitching
  • primary market research (PMR)
  • digital marketing
  • prototyping without coding
  • UX and testing
  • PLUS learning how to work with your co-founders

Who are we looking for to join us at MIT fuse?

  • MIT founders and teams with new ideas in any industry … Let’s do this!
  • Experienced teams who want sophisticated mentorship
  • Students who have taken classes such as 15.390, 6.399, E-ventures, etc. (NOT a pre-requisite, just an example)
  • Committed founders that are current MIT students
    • Teams may have non-MIT founders, but must have at least one MIT student as a founder
  • Solo founders may apply but will need to support the argument for acceptance as the preference is for teams to take part in MIT fuse

MIT fuse – January 2021 Objective

  • Students starting their ventures during the coronavirus pandemic face additional challenges (cross-campus collaboration, finding co-founders, conducting primary market research (PMR) remotely to name a few).
  • During IAP this January, the Trust Center is restructuring MIT fuse to meet these challenges and support student entrepreneurs, no matter where in the journey they may be.

As always, the #1 objective of fuse is to get student entrepreneurs to escape velocity during the month of January.

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As a student in the E&I Track, you will:

  • meet and work with a cohort of like-minded peers
  • gain exposure to key MIT faculty, staff, and other entrepreneurship resources
  • tap into a global entrepreneurship network


  • Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis and requires a written statement of application during the summer prior to your entry to MIT Sloan.
  • Admission is tentative until you have completed a brief online E&I survey of your background and interests.
  • A Wait List is maintained for those who exceed the maximum number permitted by classroom constraints. Many students are admitted to the E&I Track from the Wait List prior to the cutoff deadline in mid-September.