Course Roadmap

Navigating through MIT’s entrepreneurship course offerings can seem complicated; let’s make it easy. Here’s your roadmap to entrepreneurship education at MIT. It’s time to hit the road.

Get Started: Explore the basics of entrepreneurship.

6.933 Entrepreneurship in Engineering: The Founder's Journey

15.360 Introduction to Technological Entrepreneurship (MBAs only)

StartIAP (IAP)

Start6 (IAP)

Nuts & Bolts (IAP)

Pack Your Toolbox: Learn the specific tools and frameworks for entrepreneurship while starting to develop your idea or technology. 

Entrepreneurship Dial

10.807 / 15.371 Innovation Teams (i-Teams)

15.390 / 15.3901 New Enterprises

15.911 Entrepreneurial Strategy (for MBAs)

Innovation Dial

2.009 The Product Engineering Process

2.723 / 6.902 / ESD.051 Engineering Innovation and Design

Concentrate: Dive into a specific industry relevant to you or your startup. 

9.455 / 15.128 / 20.454 / MAS.883 Neurotechnology Ventures

15.366 Energy Ventures

15.375 / EC.731 / MAS.665 Development Ventures

15.376 / MAS.664 Media Ventures

15.S07 Healthcare Ventures

MAS.533 Imaging and Fabrication Ventures

Buckle Up: Apply advanced entrepreneurial techniques to grow your new high-impact venture in a time-compressed manner. 

15.378 / 15.3781 Building an Entrepreneurial Venture: Advanced Tools and Techniques (GSD)

Hit the Gas: Accelerate your venture and hit escape velocity in the premier capstone educational program for students. 

MIT Global Founders' Skills Accelerator (MIT GFSA) (Not for credit)

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