The Trust Center is now open! Students are welcome to use our open co-working space and may book meetings in our conference rooms. At this time, masks are required in ALL rooms (even when alone in a conference room) and no food or drink is allowed due to MIT Sloan COVID policies. We invite students also to sign up for our online Orbit platform to access resources and guidance 24/7.

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In addition to the Trust Center faculty and staff, we welcome MIT students and clubs working on entrepreneurship-related activities to use our room reservation system to book meetings. (If you are affiliated with MIT but not a student and wish to inquire about reserving a space, please contact us.)


Current MIT students may request to have ID card access to the Trust Center in E40-160 beyond our normal school-year operating hours (Mon-Fri 8:00 am – 8:00pm). Please allow 3-5 business days for your access request to be processed and ID card to be activated.

Before booking a room:

  • Will your meeting occur before 8:00am, after 8:00pm, or at any time on a weekend or Institute holiday? Our doors are locked during those times, so if you will need the door unlocked, please request access at least one day in advance.
  • Will you have a phone or video call? Please add 15 minutes before and after your reservation for setup and spillover time.
  • Will you be hosting an event? Please add sufficient setup and breakdown time to your reservation. We recommend 30 minutes before and after. Be sure to connect with Trust Center staff to discuss your needs and our guidelines.
  • Will you be using 175 & 175A (Testa South and North) as one meeting room?
    • Add 30 minutes to the beginning and to the end of your reservation for setup and breakdown time.
    • Add the phrase “wall open” to the “Purpose” line of your reservation.
    • If any part of your reservation takes place after 5:00 pm or before 9:00 am (including setup/breakdown time), or on a weekend or Institute holiday, please email so we can ensure the wall between the rooms is opened and closed as needed.
  • Will you have food delivered? Food is not allowed at this time due to COVID policies.

PLEASE NOTE: All room reservations come with the understanding that you will leave the room as you found it — clean and in order and with all desks, chairs, or other materials returned to how they were set up at the start of your reservation. Thank you.

Trust Center map of space

Our Meeting Rooms

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Trust Center Garage

E40-163 “The Garage”

Large conference room with glass garage door. Fully equipped with projector, speakers, and microphone system. Capacity varies by setup.

  • Boardroom – 30
  • Theater with garage door closed – 55
  • Theater with garage door opened – 75
Trust Center Board Room

E40-166 “Board Room”

Large meeting room with videoconference system supports IP, Zoom, Google, and telephone on the same video call. Whiteboard walls, phone, in-room computer (keyboard and mouse available by request). Instructions to connect to the videoconference system are posted in the room.

Seats 10-12.

Trust Center Phone Booths

Trust Center Phone Booths

All booths have whiteboard walls and free international calling

169A: Amherst Street side, against windows, 617-452-3981
169B: Amherst Street side, 617-324-7808
185: “Beehive” side, left booth, 617-258-0232
187:”Beehive” side, middle booth, 617-253-7361
189:”Beehive” side, right booth, 617-253-0159

Trust Center E40-170 Room

E40-170 Conference Room

Located on Amherst Street side of the space.

Room has large monitor, whiteboard walls, and table for 4.

Can fit up to 6 comfortably.

Trust Center E40-172 Meeting Room

E40-172 Conference Room

Located on Amherst Street side of the space.

Room has large monitor, whiteboard walls, and table for 4, which can be raised or lowered to various heights.

Can fit up to 6 comfortably.

Trust Center E40-175/A Testa Rooms

E40-175 & 175A Testa Rooms

The Richard J. Testa Memorial Conference Room can be used as two separate spaces (comfortably seating 10-12 each) or can be combined together by request to allow for a bigger room that comfortably seats 30 people plus or minus.

Each room has whiteboard walls, spider phone, and projector (VGA/HDMI).

Trust Center E40-184 Meeting Room

E40-184 Conference Room

Large-screen LED monitor, soft seating.

Whiteboard walls.

Comfortably seats 4-6.

Trust Center E40-186 Meeting Room

E40-186 Conference Room

Whiteboard walls.

Round table for 4.

Trust Center E40-188 Meeting Room

E40-188 Conference Room

Whiteboard wall.

Casual, soft seating for 4.

Trust Center Cafe & Kitchen

Trust Center Cafe & Kitchen

Multi-level cafe tables (dining or high-top) for impromptu meetings or work sessions. No reservations needed.

Cafe area available for students to dine (once eating restrictions are lifted).

Trust Center Beehive

Trust Center Beehive

First-come, first-served open space co-working tables.

No reservations needed.