MIT delta v Demo Day 2020

Watch the entire 90-minute webcast or meet our 15 student teams.



MIT delta v is MIT’s student venture accelerator, providing a capstone educational opportunity for MIT student entrepreneurs that prepares them to hit escape velocity and launch into the real world.

How it works

From June to early September, teams have dedicated space in the co-working environment of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship on the MIT campus, or the NYC Startup Studio in Manhattan. They will work on their ventures full-time for the whole summer.

Teams will define and refine their target market, conduct primary market research and build knowledge about their customers and users.  They will run experiments to validate or invalidate their key hypotheses with potential customers. They will be building and nurturing their founding team.  They will make progress on the mechanics of starting their venture.

For the summer of 2020, due to COVID-19, the entire program took place virtually. Due to the challenges of conducting an accelerator online, we reduced our usual cohort size to 15 teams total.

Peer learning

Peer learning is a core tenet of this program.  Teams will be updating the cohort every week with the progress they have made and to pose any questions or requests for help.  Teams will often pair up to help each other with issues and give each other feedback.

Mentorship and coaching

Throughout the summer we will support the teams’ progress via 1×1 coaching sessions and meetings with external mentors who are carefully matched to the needs of their ventures.

Simulated “board meetings”

Once a month, teams will present their progress and get unbiased feedback in simulated “board meetings” to “board members” who are leaders from industry.

Guest talks and seminar series

We will also help teams expand their knowledge of entrepreneurship techniques and frameworks via an optional seminar series, as well as guest talks by thought leaders on topics of interest.

Demo Day

MIT delta v culminates in Demo Day events, typically held at the beginning of the school year in early September at MIT followed by Demo Day presentations in New York City and San Francisco/Silicon Valley. Students will have the opportunity to pitch their startups to investors and members of the press to kick-start their ventures and reach escape velocity.

The 2020 Demo Day was livestreamed online on Thursday, September 17th and is viewable above.


The MIT delta v organizing team, in conjunction with the advisory board assigned to your team, will determine the amount of milestone money, if any, to be awarded each month. You have the ability to receive additional funding up to $20,000 in milestone money during the duration of MIT delta v.

Only current MIT students, as defined in the “Eligibility” section, are eligible to receive the $2,000/month fellowships. Only students listed in the submitted application will be eligible as well.

The fellowships will only be awarded during June, July, and August. The MIT delta v organizing team, in conjunction with the advisory board, will determine which team members will receive the fellowships. In general, a team member needs to be founder-level and work full-time at the MIT delta v site to receive money for a particular month.

Remember that all payments are considered income and are therefore taxable. Non-U.S. citizens are typically subject to a 14% tax withholding from any money they receive. We do not provide tax guidance.


While we will keep all information within MIT delta v judging and organizing teams, we cannot guarantee complete confidentiality of information.

Intellectual property

MIT delta v focuses on entrepreneurship skills, so we do not anticipate any intellectual property will be created as a direct result of MIT delta v.

Furthermore, MIT does not consider use of office space, libraries, machine shop facilities, and consumer-grade computers as constituting a significant use of MIT resources.

If your company is built around intellectual property developed using significant MIT resources, you should consult MIT’s policies for more information. The MIT Technology Licensing Office controls MIT intellectual property and can help you with questions.

The relevant MIT policies are: