Wisdom From the Women Who Support MIT’s Entrepreneurs

November 19, 2020

Today, November 19, is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, a day celebrating and encouraging female entrepreneurship. Our student venture accelerator program, delta v, has launched some amazing female entrepreneurs, and our historical data show us that t...

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Celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

November 19, 2020

150 yrs ago, MIT’s first woman student, Ellen Henrietta Swallow, stepped foot on campus. In the century and a half since, the women of MIT have made an immeasurable impact around the globe. We are pleased to celebrate Women’s Entrepreneurship Day...

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Entrepreneurial Confidence and Mental Health

October 26, 2020

The pandemic affects everyone. Today, we are all dealing with a different model for living; many people are working or attending school virtually, there is less social interaction, greater isolation, more juggling of home and work duties, and of cour...

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MIT delta v 2020: Making Quantum Computing More Accessible

September 11, 2020

by Chris Keshian, MIT delta v Program Manager Quantum computing has massive implications, yet the current developer environment makes learning and collaboration difficult. qBraid, an MIT delta v startup, aims to increase accessibility to, and inter...

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MIT delta v 2020: Pivot to Prototype in 7 Days

September 4, 2020

by Chris Keshian, MIT delta v Program Manager   After they were accepted to join delta v – the premiere MIT accelerator– five recent MIT mechanical engineering graduates were forced to pivot when COVID wreaked havoc on their initial market...

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MIT Entrepreneurs: Explore Orbit!

September 3, 2020

MIT Orbit is an online tool for student entrepreneurs. This FAQ is based on an interview with the site’s creator, Paul Cheek, a software engineer and tech entrepreneur who joined the Trust Center as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) just over ...

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MIT delta v 2020: Staying Agile & Finding the Right Market

August 28, 2020

by Chris Keshian, MIT delta v Program Manager The MomMe team originally applied to delta v, MIT’s flagship accelerator, with laser focus on reducing scarring in breast cancer patients. As new information arose, however, they remained agile and red...

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MIT delta v 2020: On an Entrepreneurial Journey via MIT

August 21, 2020

by Dana Hwu, MIT delta v NYC Program Manager Cameron Cler shares her entrepreneurial journey through MIT Sloan, leading up to this summer in MIT’s delta v Accelerator Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved in entrepreneur...

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MIT delta v 2020: Building a Company All the Way From France!

August 14, 2020

by Dana Hwu, MIT delta v NYC Program Manager Alex Mathé-Cathala and Hugo Castalan share their experience of co-founding their business together while working in different cities and participating in the MIT delta v accelerator from six time zones a...

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How to Tell Your Venture’s Story

July 30, 2020

by Dana Hwu, MIT delta v Program Manager Each week at the MIT delta v NYC Startup Studio, we host our “Founder’s Forum,” inviting entrepreneurs and industry veterans from the startup community to share their insights and hone in on a particula...

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