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11 05, 2021

Smoking Hot Market: Watch Our Cannabis Panel Video


On Thursday, May 5th, the Trust Center hosted a virtual panel titled "Smoking Hot Market: The Serious Business in Cannabis." Cannabis is now legal and is a very important market with societal implications. Our panel featured current MIT entrepreneurs, industry experts, and analysts who discussed the past, present, and ...

Smoking Hot Market: Watch Our Cannabis Panel Video2021-05-11T14:06:19+00:00
5 05, 2021

Nextiles Closes Seed Financing to Fuel Sportswear Launch


Have you ever checked your phone to see how many steps you’ve logged that day? What about checking how many calories you’ve burned from a wearable device? Other than being miniaturized, it turns out these technologies haven’t really changed in almost 30 years. Enter Nextiles, who wants to change ...

Nextiles Closes Seed Financing to Fuel Sportswear Launch2021-05-05T14:19:42+00:00
14 04, 2021

Virtual Networking for Startups


by Jonathan Hung This article is an edited version of one published on Jonathan's personal blog. To read the original post, please visit JonathanHung.com. Networking during COVID is a critical skill for entrepreneurs and founders. For emerging entrepreneurs and startups, professional and active networking is an essential part of ...

Virtual Networking for Startups2021-04-14T14:27:59+00:00
14 03, 2021

Raising a Pi: Waffle Honors Pi Day With a $3.14M Round


Today is a special day here at MIT. Despite the pandemic, our community still celebrates the greatest mathematical constant. As an unofficial holiday, Pi Day is the school's tribute to the enduring genius of mathematics. What Einstein called “the poetry of logical ideas.” And Galileo “the nature’s language.” Math ...

Raising a Pi: Waffle Honors Pi Day With a $3.14M Round2021-03-14T16:19:17+00:00
2 02, 2021

An Inside Look at Entrepreneurial Founding & Teams


Entrepreneurial Founding and Teams (15.394) with Kit Hickey and Erin Scott Course description: Entrepreneurial Founding and Teams explores key organizational and strategic decisions in founding and building a new venture. Through a series of cases, readings, and activities, students examine the trade-offs and consequences of early founder decisions: whom to ...

An Inside Look at Entrepreneurial Founding & Teams2021-02-11T01:41:20+00:00
27 01, 2021

An Inside Look at New Enterprises


New Enterprises (15.390) with Paul Cheek Course description: New Enterprises covers the process of identifying and quantifying market opportunities, then conceptualizing, planning, and starting a new, technology-based enterprise. Topics include opportunity assessment, the value proposition, the entrepreneur, legal issues, entrepreneurial ethics, the business plan, the founding team, seeking customers and ...

An Inside Look at New Enterprises2021-02-11T01:41:55+00:00
20 01, 2021

An Inside Look at E-Lab


E-Lab Website Entrepreneurship Lab (15.399) aka "E-Lab" with Trish Cotter Course description: Project-based subject, in which teams of students from MIT, Wellesley, and Harvard work with startups on problems of strategic importance to the venture. Popular sectors include software, hardware, robotics, clean technology, and life sciences. Offered in Spring ...

An Inside Look at E-Lab2021-08-25T16:57:01+00:00
13 01, 2021

An Inside Look at GSD


Beginning with the Fall 2021 semester, we are offering two separate tracks for the GSD course. The post below provides further information about what is covered in Track #2. Building an Entrepreneurial Venture (15.378) aka GSD with Carly Chase Course description: Intensive, project-based subject intended for startup ...

An Inside Look at GSD2021-05-20T16:29:25+00:00
17 12, 2020

WATCH: How to Be an Ally to Underrepresented Entrepreneurs


On December 10th, the Trust Center was honored to host a Speaker Series event focused on the challenges that underrepresented entrepreneurs face, and the ways that members of entrepreneurial ecosystems can act as allies,  and more, to help support these founders. Our featured speakers were Susanne Althoff, the author of ...

WATCH: How to Be an Ally to Underrepresented Entrepreneurs2021-02-11T01:47:05+00:00
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