Post By: Martin Trust Center

The Three Ts: Time, Team & Trust

June 14, 2019

Congrats to you, 2019 MIT delta v Cohort! I know that the Trust Center staff, EIRs, mentors, and board members share in my excitement to work with you this summer. I’m planning to draft a quick blog post once a week to share reflections, suggestion...

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delta v Speaker Series: Joel Wishkovsky & The Power of a Weekly Update Email

June 21, 2018

In the very first week of this summer’s accelerator, the MIT delta v teams located at the NYC Startup Studio received a visit from Joel Wishkovsky, founder and CEO of Simple Contacts, a service that provides contact lens refills without a trip ...

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The Entrepreneur’s Journey: Dip Patel

May 14, 2018

by Dylan Walsh Dipul Patel recited a standard exchange: “As an entrepreneur, when you bring up some new idea to people the first thing they do is tell you how great it is and the second thing they tell you is why it won’t work,” he said. “The...

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The Entrepreneur’s Journey: Ted Upton

April 30, 2018

by Kara Baskin In 2009, Cheeky Fishing CEO Ted Upton, MBA ’14, was about as far from the water as you can get. Newly graduated from Bowdoin College, he was a project analyst at Boston law firm Mintz Levin. “I thought I wanted to be a lawyer,” U...

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It’s No Guessing Game: Why You Need to Scale Predictably to Grow Your Business

April 19, 2018

this article originally appeared in Inc. in December 2017 by Donna Levin How do early-stage companies position themselves for growth? Before scaling, founders think about the following five things according to Donna Levin, social entrepreneur and...

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The Entrepreneur’s Journey: Alex Bratianu

April 17, 2018

by Dylan Walsh Alex Bratianu, who has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, never planned to be an entrepreneur. He was sitting on an airplane one day when a voice came over the intercom and announced a 30-minute delay: the plane needed ...

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The Entrepreneur’s Journey: Hasier Larrea

April 9, 2018

by Kara Baskin Hasier Larrea SM ’15 grew up in northern Spain, where he studied mechanical engineering. Coming to MIT was a culture shock — mainly due to housing costs. “I learned about lack of space the hard way while looking for a studio apar...

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The Entrepreneur’s Journey: Elliot Cohen

April 2, 2018

by Kara Baskin One of the Boston area’s fastest-growing startups began at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. In September 2017, Forbes named Elliot Cohen’s company, PillPack, one of the 25 “Next Billion-Dollar Startups.” In Nov...

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The Entrepreneur’s Journey: Yan Liu

March 26, 2018

by Kara Baskin In the age of DVRs, how can media planners determine who’s really watching which TV shows and ads? It’s easy to track whether a household watches television, but it’s harder to tell if the viewers are actually captivated by what ...

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The Entrepreneur’s Journey: Emily Malina

March 19, 2018

by Dylan Walsh It’s a staggering figure: the United States wastes roughly 40 percent of its food each year. This amounts to more than $200 billion spent growing, processing, transporting, and disposing of food that is never used. From an environmen...

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