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Developing the Head & Hands Via Action Learning

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Our “dual-track” faculty model brings professors and adjunct practitioners together in the classroom so that students benefit from a broad range of perspectives.

School of Engineering

“I have worked with the Trust Center on numerous technologies coming out of my lab. To say they are a valuable honest resource and partner in helping bring tech to market is an understatement. They have been a sounding board, mentor, connector, educator, human resources consultant, and so much more. The center is the perfect complement to our lab.”

Kripa Varanasi, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

School of Architecture + Planning

“The Trust Center serves an incredibly valu- able role at MIT. Our fantastic partnership has educated us on commercialization aspects and helped one student startup, Thiozen, get to market much faster. Could we have done it without the Trust Center? I am not sure we could have and I would not want to have tried.”

William Green, Hoyt C. Hottel Professor in Chemical Engineering

Sloan School of Management

“My experience with the Trust Center has been amazing. Our City Science lab generates many ideas that could potentially lead to viable startups. We build prototypes, file patents, and test innovation in the wild through living lab experiments, but securing venture funding, developing business plans, and creating marketing strategies is not our strength.

Being able to work with such a collaborative and neutral party resource as the Trust Center has allowed us to focus on what we do best, while creating opportunities for graduating students to learn the art of entrepreneurship. Access to the amazing people at the Trust Center is what helps make MIT so wonderful and unique .”

Kent Larson, Director of the City Science (formerly Changing Places) group at the MIT Media Lab


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