Author: Martin Trust Center

It’s no secret that the world of online gaming has exploded in recent years, providing endless hours of fun and unprecedented levels of competition. Many MIT students and graduates know this firsthand, and they’re not alone. Over 160 million Americans are gamers, spending an average of $76 per month on online games, in-game purchases, downloadable content (DLC), skins, costumes, and more. However, with the rising popularity of gaming, there has also been a surge in malicious cyber-attacks on gaming accounts and devices.

According to Norton, nearly half of American gamers have unfortunately experienced a cyberattack to their gaming account or device. Of those, more than three in four (76%) report that they were financially affected as a result, losing a striking $744 on average.

Conscious of the need to address this, an MIT startup is giving gamers a competitive edge. Waffle, an MIT delta v alumni company, is launching on this Pi Day a unique cyber insurance for gamers. “At Waffle, we know the gaming world inside and out, as we are gamers ourselves,” said Quentin Coolen, Waffle’s CEO. “Whether it’s our digital game collection or cherished in-game purchases, we know these are more than just virtual assets – they represent the time and effort we’ve invested into our passion. And we want to make sure they’re protected!”

Through this product, available in 44 states, Waffle customers will be able to protect some of their online gaming goods against cyberattacks, among other things. But that’s not all; coverage may extend well beyond gaming to safeguard many aspects of your digital life. From identity theft and cyber financial fraud to breach of privacy and beyond, Wafffle’s cyber insurance can provide valuable protection at just about every step of the way in our increasingly digital world.

This isn’t Waffle’s first rodeo in insurance. Waffle is already the only platform in the world where a customer may be able to get instant insurance coverage across most major products including car, home, life, renters, travel, pet, and cyber. And now gamers have entered the arena.

For more information on the policy – what it covers and does not cover – check out the policy sample here.
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