The Pozen Fellowship is a 10-week paid summer internship program connecting MIT undergraduate students with startups founded by MIT delta v alumni.

Below are the 7 job opportunities that were part of the program during the summer of 2022.
These will provide students with an idea of the type of positions that are offered to Pozen Fellows students.
We will be updating the opportunities for summer 2023 by the date that applications open for this year on March 1st.


Aavia is a Gen Z hormone health brand guiding members through their lifelong hormone journey. They’re simplifying the complexities and ending the stigma surrounding hormone health through daily education and personalized actionable insights in-app, a trusted community of members and medical experts, and patented smart birth control pill case.

Internship – Virtual / Company HQ – Brooklyn, NY

Aavia has a rich dataset of health data, ranging from menstrual cycle data to mood data, that is manually input by users on a daily basis through its iOS app. The company is looking for interns who can dissect the data in Firestore and write performant algorithms for actionable insights. For example, if Aavia notices in a user’s data that they experience low moods at a certain time of their cycle, the app will display insights on what the user can do to better take care of themselves when they reach that point of their cycle.

Required / Desired Skills


  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Ability/willingness to learn how to use Firestore


  • Basic Swift and SwiftUI knowledge
  • Google Big Query, Google Apps Scripts (similar to JavaScript)

Anything else?

Here is a video of real Aavia users explaining why they love their smart birth control pill case and health journal app.

If you join the Aavia team, you’ll be making a big impact on young people’s health!


AuraBlue is an early-stage startup out of MIT dedicated to bringing back sleep to women experiencing hot flashes. When their patent-pending sensor bracelet identifies an impending hot flash, AuraBlue’s cooling mattress pad is immediately activated to curb the rise in body temperature enabling women to sleep soundly through the night. By joining the AuraBlue family, you will get first hand experience building and growing a quickly blossoming, high-impact technology startup.

Internship – Flexible (can be in-person, hybrid, or virtual) / Company HQ – Somerville, MA

This position will work hand-in-hand with the CEO on a range of projects and tasks shaped by your interests and desired growth areas. Your tasks could include but are not limited to:

  • making presentations
  • mapping out market opportunities and trends
  • preparing due diligence materials for investors or board members
  • speaking to menopausal woman or doctors
  • running A/B advertising tests
  • crafting financial models
  • brainstorming go-to-market strategy.

Each day will look different than the last requiring you to learn new skills and work independently in a fast-paced high-stakes environment. This role will be a perfect stepping stone towards starting your own company one day or working in project management, consulting, or venture capital.

Required / Desired Skills

  • A desire to learn new skills each day.
  • A comfort working on tasks you have no experience in.
  • Strong verbal, written, and presentation communication skills.
  • Project management skills such as being able to run a meeting with a clearly planned out agenda.
  • An ability to lead through ambiguity and independently run projects with minimal direction.
  • Organized and able to juggle multiple unrelated tasks at one time.
  • An interest in startups and business strategy.
  • Experience in leadership positions in jobs, clubs, and/or student organizations.

Bonus skill sets:

  • Financial modeling experience.
  • Experience in go-to-market strategy, branding, or marketing.
  • Experience with venture capital or startup fundraising.
  • Interest in femtech, sleeptech, and hardware.

Anything else?

Learn more about AuraBlue and our product.


Carestry is the first caregiving registry that builds a personalized community around a patient and care team, using data to support them through each stage of their caregiving journey.

Internship – Hybird / Company HQ – Cambridge, MA

Are you interested in being an early member of a fun and exciting MIT delta v health-tech startup aiming to disrupt the caregiving and at-home care space?

1 in 5, or a total of 53 million adult Americans, are now unpaid family caregivers. Many are providing care alone without a way to accept help from family and friends. Carestry is the Care Registry that allows you to seamlessly and effectively harness the support of your community by showing them what you need when you need it most.

As a direct-to-consumer (DTC) product, the company’s UX and website design needs to be visually appealing and highly engaging. Carestry is looking to add a website developer or UX designer to its fast-growing team to help bring this life-changing solution to life!

Required / Desired Skills

  • Experience designing, developing, and launching websites; Shopify and Shopify app add-ons (e.g., Gift Reggie) a plus.
  • Knowledge of UI/UX and user-centered design principles for a direct-to-consumer (DTC) product.
  • Work with company co-founders to build out the UX and front-end of Carestry’s beta v2.
  • Create a visually engaging UX and design for a double-sided marketplace responsible for supporting caregivers and patients.
  • Collaborate with co-founders to make sure the details of the designed wireframes are being captured correctly and bring the product to life.
  • Build user needs into product design.

Anything else?

Watch Carestry’s Demo Day presentation from September 2021 to learn more.

Encora Therapeutics

Encora Therapeutics is developing smart wearable devices that can track tremor progression and provide personalized hand tremor relief in real-time for individuals with neurological movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and Essential Tremor, all without causing side effects or tremor management burden.

Internship – Virtual / Company HQ – Boston, MA

The device uses mechanical vibration to reduce hand tremors; consequently, the vibration is audible. The noise of the device serves as a barrier for widespread adoption of Encora’s device beyond at-home usage because it reduces the discretion of the device. The internship project aims to reduce the noise level of the wearable while still maintaining the same amplitude range of vibratory stimulation for tremor reduction.

Required / Desired Skills

The applicant should have prior experience with designing, CAD-ing, and prototyping electro-mechanical systems.

It would be preferred if the applicant also has experience coding in Python and/or C/C++, and experience with prototyping platforms such as Arduino.

Encora is looking for self-starters; someone who can identify problems and suggest solutions to those problems without requiring direct management.

Anything else?

To the Trust Center, thank you very much for this opportunity.

To potential applicants, Encora is a team of 4 MIT engineers who spun off a 2.009 project into a startup because of a sense of responsibility to make a much-needed solution for hand tremors available. Excited to work with you this summer!


Rivet is a direct-to-fan community management platform that enables creators to engage, reward, and monetize their fanbases directly. Rivet empowers creators with full ownership over their communities via first-party data, in line with the company’s vision to create the world’s most creator-first platform.

The company is made up of a passionate team of MIT alumni working rapidly to alter the landscape of community engagement in the creative space. In the last several months, Rivet has: 

This incredible community of creators has used the Rivet platform for exclusive album releases, large-scale music efforts in collaboration with fans, and more. Check some of them out! @ivysole @jinmiabduls @3vancito

Rivet has 3 open internships, but will only be hiring for 1 of these roles based on the candidates available.
Please select accordingly on the application form.

Front End Developer – Virtual / Company HQ – Somerville, MA

Rivet is currently hiring a frontend developer to help expand the platform’s features. You’ll be developing and maintaining mobile-optimized creator and fan interfaces and leveraging your understanding of design and your detail-oriented approach to make the Rivet design team’s ideas come to life. You’ll work closely with the founders everyday and be a part of key platform decisions.

Back End Developer – Virtual / Company HQ – Somerville, MA

We’re currently hiring backend developers to help us build and scale the Rivet platform. You’ll help to modify infrastructure that supports new features and increased platform activity and data generation, and you’ll help Rivet expand platform security to protect creator and fan data. You’ll also help explore ways to evolve the Rivet platform, such as Web3 applications. 

Developers: Required / Desired Skills

  • Strong familiarity with modern Javascript/Typescript ecosystem and tools.
  • Working knowledge of React, Vue, or other VDOM-based frontend frameworks.
  • Comfortable with “pull-request” driven development with strong testing & integration practices.
  • Knowledge of traditional SQL-backed REST API architecture, as well as best practices for security and authentication.
  • Experience with container-based packaging and deployment workflows (Docker).
  • Nice to have: experience with cloud infrastructure codification tooling (Terraform), experience in the (independent) music industry.

Marketing – Virtual / Company HQ – Somerville, MA

Rivet is also looking for a superstar marketing intern! You’ll play a key role in defining the company’s brand voice and developing and executing a content marketing plan across multiple channels to help build awareness. You’ll help to share Rivet’s story and the stories of the artists and creators hosted on the platform. As part of an early-stage team, you’ll be involved in long-term strategy as well as tactical day-to-day execution of growth strategies. This is an incredible opportunity to help an early-stage, mission-driven company grow!

Required / Desired Skills

  • Experience in content management, content marketing, and copywriting.
  • Experience working across a wide variety of marketing channels including social media, influencer marketing, email, advertising, and content within a startup environment with limited resources.
  • Data-driven and analytical with ability to measure, test, and report on social strategies and campaigns using analytical tools.
  • Deadline-driven; you can move fast to create high-quality content in an evolving environment.
  • Articulate and organized storyteller in written and video format. Able to break down complex concepts and explain them simply.
  • Proficient working with and giving direction to designers.
  • Nice to have: experience with SEO, keyword research, Google Analytics, experience in the (independent) music industry.

Anything else?

Rivet just wrapped up Techstars Boston and the company is excited to hit its next set of milestones!!

Rivet is an ambitious and bold team and is looking for more people like that to join them! The company is dedicated to operating like a world championship team and progressing with persistence, limitless vision, and confidence in themselves and the platform.

Rivet values people who embrace uncertainty and take initiative in spite of it, and it cares about the team learning and moving faster every day. Most importantly, Rivet believes that everyone brings creativity, unique experiences, and ideas to the team, and with that comes the excitement to leverage that magic to create an incredible experience for Rivet users.

Check out Rivet’s MIT delta v Demo Day video.


TracFlo is working hard to build tech tools for the industry most ripe for disruption: construction. The company is a team of construction professionals turned technologists creating financial tools for the next generation of builders. They are a diverse team committed to building a company that reflects the cities they serve.

Its online platform allows contractors to track input and manage project cost in a mobile environment. Think of it like a Venmo for a commercial construction site.

Internship – In Person / Company HQ – New York, NY

TracFlo is looking for software developers for this internship. The company is rebuilding its tech stack in React Native with beta iOS and Android apps and are looking for developers to continue to develop the API and database. Software engineering students will work on react app and incorporate machine learning dashboard in the user experience.

Required / Desired Skills

Front End: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React, Redux
Back End: RESTful API, NodeJS, ExpressJS,
Tools: Terminal, GitHub/Git, Postman, Figma

  • Working knowledge of SQL-driven schema and database (eg: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB)
  • Working knowledge of NodeJS
  • Experience with RESTful APIs
  • Experience with API authentication a plus
  • Knowledge of ReactJS is a plus
  • Strong knowledge with Amazon Web Services is a big plus
  • Experience with test-driven development
  • Ability to write clear, concise code with documentation
  • Working knowledge of GIT, Github experience is ideal

Anything else?

Watch TracFlo’s presentation at the 2020 NYC MetaProp Demo Day to learn exactly what we do.

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