The Entrepreneurship Internship is a 10-week paid summer internship program connecting MIT undergraduate students with startups founded by MIT delta v alumni. Learn all about the program here.

Below are the 6 job opportunities available for MIT undergrads for the summer of 2021. The application deadline for the program has passed for this year; the period to apply was from March 1 – March 28.

Armoire Style

Armoire is revolutionizing women’s closets with the power of data and machine learning. The company gives women access to the closet of their dreams — one that is curated specifically for them, learns and adapts with their feedback, and provides an endless collection of high-end fashion for their wear. Even better, Armoire’s rental model is making fashion sustainable by enabling its customers to reduce, reuse, and re-style!

Internship – Virtual / Company HQ – Seattle, WA

Armoire is looking for a customer-focused engineer to join its team for the summer.

  • In this role, you will collaborate with their product and design team to solve customer problems with delightful solutions and experiences.
  • For this internship you will be focused on further extending the social functionality of the Armoire platform. Today members can share looks, follow other members, and rent what they are wearing.
  • Armoire has a full product roadmap to build out social interactions around clothing, allowing users to create racks or boards of clothes, create and share outfits, style other members cases, and more.
  • You will have the opportunity to actively participate in all phases of the development process, from requirements and design to implementation.

Required / Desired Skills

  • Proficient in one or more core languages (e.g. Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Java, C++).
  • Some experience with JavaScript and web markup including HTML5, CSS3.
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills.
  • The ideal candidate has hands-on experience with Python and frameworks for frontend web development like Vue or React.

Anything else?

Read this GeekWire article on how Armoire has operated during the pandemic.


Floe is an MIT and Yale cleantech startup developing a smart, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution to prevent the $9.5B in damages annually caused by ice buildup on roofs. The company’s IoT-powered system is more effective than current solutions and also reduces operating costs (>40%) and carbon emissions (>99%). Floe has conducted a paid pilot nationwide with key customers (e.g., top ski resorts) and are now scaling. Its ultimate aim is to transform their IoT system into the “Nest for the building envelope.”

Internship – Virtual / Company HQ – New York, NY

Floe is looking for a student who is passionate about technology and wants to make an impact on the energy efficiencies of buildings.

  • The internship will be focused on technology development, and projects will be assigned based on previous experiences and fields of interest.
  • Tasks may include the management of IoT data collection processes, the creation of tools for data visualization and gathering insights, and the development of hardware-facing onboard software for operating and communicating with new sensor packages.
  • The intern will get hands-on experience working with a dynamic IoT data collection platform, collaborating with a small team of talented engineers, and making long-term impacts on technology development at Floe.

Required / Desired Skills

  • To succeed in this role, the student must have experience with Python and a basic knowledge of databases and SQL.
  • They must also have excellent problem-solving abilities and the willingness to tackle new issues independently.
  • Floe is excited to work with students who are passionate about entrepreneurship and are eager to work in a dynamic startup environment.

Anything else?

Learn all about Floe at the company’s website.

Mayflower Venues

Mayflower Venues builds software to help nontraditional wedding venues run their business. Its all-in-one solution allows venues to manage everything in one place, from initial inquiry through a successfully run event. Mayflower’s marketplace allows couples to browse unique venues and know that any venue they find comes with a suite of tools to help make their wedding planning experience easy.

Internship – Virtual / Company HQ – Charlestown, MA

Mayflower is looking for an energetic software engineering intern to help build out the company’s platform and to create the tools necessary to build the business.

  • You will have an enormous impact, working directly with the technical co-founder building new tools and features from scratch.
  • Develop with modern technologies like NodeJS, React, GraphQL, all running on Amazon Web Services.
  • Example projects include:
    • Create tools to help couples plan their wedding.
    • Implement new features to help venues more efficiently handle their leads.
    • Build out a way for Mayflower Venues to integrate with different wedding vendors.

Required / Desired Skills

  • Software engineering experience, ideally being able to build a basic web application from scratch.
  • Experience in NodeJS, React, GraphQL, and/or AWS is a plus.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Ability to learn and work independently, going from idea to implementation.
  • Excitement about the company’s mission is a huge benefit.

Anything else?

Read the Mayflower Venues blog and watch this brief video to learn more about the company.


qBraid is a quantum computing startup, building a one-stop platform for learning and doing research for quantum computing. The company has served more than 1000 users with many of them coming from prestigious universities (MIT, Stanford, Dartmouth, UCI) and national labs.

Internship – Virtual / Company HQ – Hanover, NH

qBraid has multiple positions open. Please check out the company’s website for various positions.

  • At this time, qBraid has internship openings for:
    • Quantum research
    • Quantum software engineer
    • Classic software engineer
  • Given that qBraid is a quantum computing startup, the company is most interested in students from physics and computer science backgrounds to work as quantum research interns.
  • You will get the opportunity to develop quantum software for applications like quantum chemistry and machine learning.
  • If you select qBraid as one of your companies to be considered for when you apply, please add which internship position(s) you would like to be considered for in the final question that asks “anything else to add”.

Required / Desired Skills

  • Physics, Math, and Computer Science background will be a big plus.

Anything else?

qBraid is proud to have provided its platform for MIT’s quantum computing hackathon.

Spatio Metrics

Spatio Metrics is creating a future in which every building makes us healthier. With human wellbeing at the company’s core, Spatio Metrics’ design analytics help architects analyze floor plans and bridge the gap between design, data, and human performance. By automatically calculating research-backed metrics for any floor plan, the company’s platform is 10x faster than today’s manual methods, requires less input than existing tools, and uses visualizations to shorten feedback loops in the design process.

Internship – Virtual / Company HQ – Cambridge, MA

Spatio Metrics is looking for a team member to help build its interactive web app.

  • This is an opportunity to work with an early stage startup and see your code get quickly into customers’ hands.
  • Working directly with the co-founder/CTO, you’ll:
    • Build features for Spatio’s web app.
      • You’ll write, deploy, and maintain frontend and backend code for a customizable data visualization dashboard.
    • Define and iterate data architecture and pipelines.
      • You’ll build geometry processing pipelines that extract, store, analyze, and visualize geometric data.
    • Build reusable components and frontend libraries for future use.
      • You’ll write and test components that make it easy for the Spatio team to quickly build and iterate new features.

Required / Desired Skills

  • Experience developing web applications using React.js and JavaScript.
  • Experience reading and writing data from databases like SQL, NoSQL.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Pragmatic and business-oriented, balancing testing out cool new technologies with craft, speed, and the bottom line.
  • Flexible team player — you’ll be a core member of a small team!
  • Curiosity, staying up to date with the latest developments and willing to learn new technologies.
  • Bonus points for experience in interactive data visualization libraries like d3 and three.js, data science, ML, C#, Grasshopper, Revit API, simulation, computer vision, Docker, Firebase, and/or geometry processing libraries.

Anything else?

Learn more about Spatio Metrics on their website.


TracFlo is an online platform to manage work in place for subcontractors, general contractors, designers, and owners. It provides a central location to input, track, and approve changes on site.

Internship – In Person / Company HQ – New York, NY

TracFlo is rebuilding its tech stack in React Native with beta iOS and Android apps and is looking for developers to continue to develop the API and database.

Required / Desired Skills

  • Working knowledge of SQL-driven schema and database (eg: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB).
  • Working knowledge of NodeJS.
  • Experience with RESTful APIs.
  • Experience with API authentication a plus.
  • Knowledge of ReactJS is a plus.
  • Strong knowledge of Amazon Web Services is a big plus.
  • Experience with test-driven development.
  • Working knowledge of GIT, Github experience is ideal.

Anything else?

Watch TracFlo’s presentation at the 2020 NYC MetaProp Demo Day.