Ziad Oueslati

Ziad Oueslati

Africa and Emerging Markets, Private Equity, VC, Private Credit

Ziad Oueslati is an Executive Founding Partner of AfricInvest, a leading Pan-African private equity, VC and private credit platform founded in 1994 in Tunis, and today present in 8 countries in Africa, in addition to the Dubai, Paris and Washington DC.

Ziad played a key role in growing the private equity industry in Africa and the investment environment in general contributing to the formation of the major industry associations in Africa and Emerging Markets and advocating and promoting in Africa investments with impact, more transparency, better governance, and a better investment environment.

Ziad led also the CSR activities of the Group focusing on education and entrepreneurship in Africa. He is board and founding member of major local, regional, and emerging markets private equity and VC associations such as EMPEA and AVCA and other Associations that foster Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Africa and the Middle East like the Columbia University Global Center in Tunis and the MENAA Board of the Harvard Business School.

Prior to co-founding AfricInvest in 1994, Ziad was Head of Financial Institutions and Capital Markets Department at Citibank Tunis.

Ziad holds a Master’s of sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an engineering degree from the École des Mines de Paris, France.