Bob Moesta is the President of The ReWired Group and serves as an Adjunct Fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute. Along with Clayton Christensen, Moesta was among the principal architects in the mid-1990s of the Jobs to Be Done theory, one of the basic and vital building blocks for helping to make innovation more predictable and successful. Since then, Moesta has taken those insights and continued to develop them in his career as an entrepreneur and innovator in roles as the Managing Partner at Woodward Equity Partners, Vice President of sales and marketing at Lombardo Homes, and Vice President and General Manager at Edutronix, LLC. He serves as an ongoing thought partner for Innosight Institute in its research and promotion work.

Bob has the ability to slow down any moment of time, dissect it, and then put it back together in a way that makes more sense in the bigger picture. He takes a systematic approach to life. Instead of looking at things myopically and creating more problems down the road, Bob uses his intuition and strong reasoning skills to solve issues in a robust way, acknowledging the impact a decision will have on all the moving pieces. An engineer by training, Moesta holds degrees from Michigan State University, Boston University’s School of Management, and the Harvard Business School.

Moesta is most proud of his role as a father to his four children and his accomplishments as a husband. He enjoys watching his children play sports and helping them to solve challenges they’re faced with in the same way he addresses his challenges in business. He is the first to admit he is a bit of nerd, especially when it comes to analyzing data. Moesta believes the opportunity for change is really about personal innovation and that it is time for the world to take full advantage of the over-supply of technology and learn to innovate by applying this technology in new and unique ways.