Chaki Ng

Chaki Ng builds startup teams that blend technology and media. Currently, he leads new emerging technology development for Viacom, after building a 10-person product organization for brands like MTV, VH1, and CMT and released 15 apps (iOS, Android, XBOX) in 2 years for millions of users. Previously, he co-founded and sold Interactive Constructs, a 70-person eLearning platform company that powered products like Read180 for top publishers (Scholastic, Harcourt, Pearson).

On the academic/research side, Chaki did distributed/cloud computing, sensor network, and virtual currency research via his PhD and SM in Computer Science degrees at Harvard. He co-deployed a network of interactive screens and RFIDs for the MIT Media Lab buildings, and earned degrees from MIT (Sloan MBA) and Northeastern (BS in CS).

Chaki is a liaison of MIT Media Lab, EIR of Harvard Innovation Lab, and advisor of NYC Media Lab.

Areas of expertise: Digital and Traditional Media, Interactive Design, Product Design, Team Building

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