Rene Reinsberg

Rene Reinsberg co-founded Locu and served as CEO until Locu’s acquisition by GoDaddy in August 2013. Rene is currently running GoDaddy’s Emerging Products initiative and has previously overseen the Discovery Marketing Products group at GoDaddy, which included Locu’s product, called Get Found, and various other products that help SMBs get found and attract and retain customers.

Rene started his first software startup out of high school, building one of the early GUI-based point-of-sale and inventory management systems for small retailers. He has since worked at several other technology startups as well as at McKinsey and Morgan Stanley.

Rene holds a diploma from WHU, Germany and a MBA from MIT Sloan. Rene was awarded the 2011 McGovern Entrepreneurship award and he currently is a startup coach at the Trust Center as well as an advisor and investor in several startups.

Areas of expertise: Entrepreneurship, Marketing

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