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2017 Teams


Focused on empowering women to achieve their goals, Alba has developed a care giving marketplace for parents in Latin America. Its founders have seen just how difficult it is for Latin American families to balance work, life, and child care, especially with an increasing amount of qualified women joining the workforce. Lack of traditional home help, due to changes in labor laws, has made finding help at home an even more difficult task. Furthermore, there are thousands of unemployed students with a flexible schedule that are looking to earn a fair salary while focusing on their studies.

(acquired by ZeBrands January 2021)

Biobot Analytics

Biobot’s mission is to equip cities with data to build healthier and safer communities. Biobot’s technology leverages urban studies, computational biology, engineering, data analytics, and design towards a first application to generate a new type of data on the opiod epidemic. Current methods of quantifying are reactive – a count of the number of overdoses and emergency responses. Biobot is pioneering the move to a proactive model of measuring opiod consumption while people are still alive. This framework promises that systemic changes to a population’s health can be detected within a matter of weeks, rather than years.



We live in a food-obsessed culture with affluent Americans spending more on food than ever before. Meanwhile, one in seven people in Boston are food insecure, meaning they don’t reliably know where their next meal is coming from. This affects even families who were recently a part of the middle class who face a trade-off between putting a roof over their family’s head or food on the table. Blockparty tackles food insecurity through fun, engaging cooking classes where young professionals can learn a new recipe while also providing meals to our neighbors in need.

Bloomer Tech

Bloomer Tech is transforming heart health and quality of life for women suffering from or at risk of heart disease. Significant gender bias in medical studies is a reality and women suffer greater misdiagnosis and undertreatment than men. Bloomer delivers effortless and comfortable medical-grade sensors embedded in a woman’s bra to monitor multiple biomarkers using patent-pending advanced fabrics and algorithms. This enables a woman to take control of her healthy life while simultaneously building a report of her vitals and health state for her physician.



DeepBench connects expert advisors with those who need their insights, accomplishing this by arranging paid one–on–one phone consultations, written response Q&A, or in-person interviews. DeepBench’s vision is to help every person with complex questions gain access to high–quality answers.



Divaqua is developing higher performing, safer, and more cost-effective technology for limiting toxic industrial effluents. The team is currently focused on leveraging its groundbreaking selectively adsorptive material to support wide-reaching wastewater treatment process innovation, improving mercury removal systems in coal-fired power plants. When untreated and released as wastewater, there are potentially catastrophic effects on the water table and fish stocks. Divaqua’s technology can be incorporated into a range of industrial, municipal, and consumer applications to help contain mercury and other heavy metal releases.


(formerly Point)

EasyEmail is an AI-powered tool that finds important tasks in your business email and automatically writes replies within seconds. A task that would normally take 10 minutes now takes only 10 seconds and allows workers to power through their inbox and handle more of the tasks they need to do their job.


GETRID is the smart, easy, and sustainable way to GETRID of your unused items. GETRID is committed to collecting and repurposing unwanted quality items so they can find good new homes and not end up in landfills. GETRIDDERs gather the items they would like to GETRID of into standard size moving boxes and bags, book a pickup via the company’s website, and GETRID takes care of the rest. GETRID’s staff does everything to get its customers the most value for their items with customers receiving 50% of the profit from sold items, and an itemized receipt for tax deduction purposes or donated items.


An estimated 10–20% of the $200B spent in renovating spaces every year is cost overruns and delays caused by inaccurate measurements and other surprises. Hosta’s platform uses video from a smartphone camera to draft interactive, 3D architectural models using artificial intelligence.


Infinite Cooling

Power plants use 139 billion gallons of fresh water per day, 50% of total US freshwater withdrawals. A large majority is used for cooling, especially in evaporative cooling towers. Infinite Cooling’s product efficiently captures this water and reintroduces it back into the cooling cycle, where it can be used again and again. For a single 250MW power plant, this amounts to 150M gallons or $1M in water and treatment cost savings per year (an estimated $3B per year across the US). Infinite Cooling’s solution will also be crucial for developing countries where stress on surface and ground water is reaching drastic levels, yet energy demand is still increasing exponentially.



Klarity’s vision is to provide widespread access to concise and trustworthy legal advice through intelligent technology. Klarity reduces friction in your company by ensuring that contract review is never a setback for the sales and operations teams. Hours saved on contract review equals more time spent on getting details signed. Its unique, user-friendly cloud application was designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow.



Mesodyne is bringing portable power to dismounted soldiers who carry 10-20 pounds of batteries to support a 72-hour mission, leading to high soldier injury liability, complicated front line logistics, and less food, water, and ammunition that can be carried. Mesodyne’s breakthrough technology enables ultra-portable, reliable, and affordable energy generation at the 1-100 W range. A beer can-sized quantity of fuel and a Mesodyne mini-generator with on-the-move charging capabilities can meet all soldier power needs while reducing weight by 75%. Beyond soldier power, Mesodyne’s technology will unleash the full potential of human and technological mobility across numerous defense and civilian markets.



On any night, 50 million bedrooms sit empty across the U.S., many belonging to older homeowners whose lifestyles have changed. Nesterly digitally connects these homeowners to young renters interested in paying part of their rent by doing tasks around the home.



NeuroMesh is a managed security and intelligence company for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Most critical infrastructure relies on IoT to function. However, it is difficult to secure IoT using traditional security mechanisms due to their low memory constraints and low-powered processors. NeuroMesh provides a vaccine for IoT that secures the endpoint, generates updates using machine learning, and delivers the update over the unhackable bitcoin blockchain.


Autonomous vehicles (AVs) represent an estimated $7 trillion industry by 2050. In order to ensure self-driving cars are safe enough for public roads, AV developers need millions of miles of training data to build and test their driving systems. Collecting data is tedious, expensive, and time-consuming with engineers spending valuable time manually collecting, sorting, and labelling hundreds of hours of data. Octant’s data curation platform uses deep learning to accelerate AV development and uncovers key data segments and insights from AV sensor data. Equipped with Octant’s solution, innovators can spend less time collecting and managing data, and more time improving the future of mobility.



PicFic bridges the disconnect between writers and audience by providing an online publishing platform that combines the best of social media and publishing. A picfic is a serialized story uploaded on a weekly basis that readers decorate with fan art and fan fiction. PicFic redefines reading as a truly social experience.

Pine Health

Pine Health helps patients follow through on doctor’s orders by using patient data to trigger conversations with an AI-augmented health coach. Patients forget 80% of their doctor’s instructions by the time they reach the parking lot. Non-adherence — such as not reducing sodium intake, not attending rehab, or not taking medications properly — leads to over $300 billion in preventable healthcare costs each year. Pine Health has developed an adherence platform that delivers semi-automated conversations through a predefined library of health messages and an AI-augmented coach.


Remora Therapeutics is an early stage biotech company focused on developing a new class of platelet-based therapeutics. Platelets are best known for their role in blood clotting and wound healing, but are also known to selectively target diseased or damaged tissue and preferentially release their contents at these sites. Remora is developing a technology that would allow for drugs to be “loaded” into human platelets, enabling their use as a cell-based drug delivery vehicle to target a wide range of human diseases, from rare
autoimmune disorders to solid tumors. Remora’s “drug-loaded platelet” technology is unique amongst the growing landscape of cellular-based therapies, and harnesses the natural biology of human platelets to improve patient response and outcome to a wide variety of therapeutic agents.


ReviveMed is a precision medicine platform that aims to improve people’s health by unlocking the value of metabolomics – the study of small molecules such as glucose – data that is essential for developing the right therapeutics for the right patients. However, the process of characterizing metabolites for each patient is time consuming and expensive and therefore has been vastly underutilized. ReviveMed’s platform is able to turn metabolomic data into actionable knowledge for understanding disease and developing therapeutics. ReviveMed envisions a world where metabolomic data is transformed to the right therapeutics for the right patients.


Roots Studio

Roots Studio is a for-profit social enterprise that curates, digitizes, and markets culturally iconic artwork from indigenous and isolated artists. Their digital marketplace allows artists to transact with buyers from wherever they currently reside at minimal life disruption. Roots Studio has set up computers and scanners in rural villages and trained artists to digitize their work. These are turned into high-end prints helping artists capture 50% of the value chain and bringing them closer to buyers than ever before. These isolated artists are able to distribute their creations globally and sell a single piece of art 7 – 8 times.



International money transfers are too expensive in the developing world even though they’re a vital source of income. SendFriend uses blockchain to make transactions less expensive, faster, and more secure.


Sigma Ratings

Sigma Ratings is the world’s first non-credit risk rating agency. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning paired with deep domain expertise, Sigma Ratings helps companies more efficiently navigate increasing regulatory challenges by assigning dynamic non-credit risk ratings and scores to their counterparties, with an initial focus on financial crime compliance risk. Sigma’s new approach enables non-credit risk standardization across markets and a more intelligent and cost-effective approach to risk management at the business-to-business level.


<note: video on the right is an updated presentation from the 2018 NY Empire FinTech Conference>


Finding the right therapist can be difficult and overwhelming; Sophia is setting out to solve this problem. Sophia connects patients with the right therapists for them using a data-driven matching process, creating stronger therapeutic relationships. Sophia also helps private practice therapists expand their businesses, providing them with a steady stream of the clients they can best help. The matching service makes finding a therapist less overwhelming for patients, more profitable for therapists, and more effective for everyone. By improving therapeutic outcomes and increasing access to therapy, Sophia will help improve the lives of the tens of millions of Americans dealing with mental illness.

Synaps Labs

Synaps Labs developed eyes and brains of digital billboards, using AI-enabled machine vision to analyze makes and models of cars passing by billboards and triggering targeted ads in under one second.



TradeTrack has developed a mobile application that aims to improve personalized customer services in the fashion industry. Its solution increases brand loyalty and helps to improve customer retention, capturing employee evaluations and a personalized record of client preferences so customers can be aware of offers, discounts, or new collections related to their preferences. Stores will see the benefits of this app through an increase in sales from the improved employee-customer relationship. The employees will be incentivized by the possibility to earn a higher commission, which in turn will lead to better job satisfaction and lower turnover. Most importantly, this app will drastically improve customer loyalty.


W8X helps athletes to become their best and strongest selves with strength training equipment that adapts to their specific needs. Inspired by robotics, W8X has developed a weight lifting system that creates resistance electrically. The system is much more compact and versatile due to not requiring physical weights. Capable of dynamically varying resistance, the W8X system makes elite training methods safer, less cumbersome, and more effective. Custom resistance profiles enable tailored strength training programs in ways that are impossible with traditional training equipment. The system, controlled through an app, also collects and tracks metrics such as velocity and power, allowing strength coaches and athletes to more accurately evaluate progress and select training programs for targeted strength goals.


Waypoint creates enterprise software for augmented reality glasses that helps frontline workers rapidly capture, access, and scale expert knowledge. Current methods use standard operating procedures and work instructions to train staff, ensure safety and compliance, and manage quality. However, these documents are painful and expensive to create, maintain, and follow. Waypoint enables easy documentation of on the job knowledge using augmented reality glasses to quickly transfer that expertise to novices so they can get to work right away. The end result is a higher-skilled, nimble workforce empowered with the best knowledge at all times.



(formerly Mayflower Venues)

Weven enables you to create a one-of-a-kind wedding and help preserve unique open spaces across New England. Our platform, technology, and tools empower open spaces such as farms, orchards, beaches, and more to easily market, manage, and host events. Users can browse verified photos and 360° 4K drone footage of handpicked venues to find a space they love then easily book it online. Weven posts all pricing and availability upfront, so couples can spend less time filling out lead forms and more time planning their dream wedding.


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