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2018 Teams


The pill on time, every time

Aavia is empowering women by improving the Birth Control Pill experience with IoT and behavioral science. Our solution is a patent-pending smart device and app that actually know if she’s taken her Birth Control Pill so she can take on her day with confidence. The smart device contains sensors that recognize Pill count and position, and sends persistent and customizable reminders to her phone app via Bluetooth. The phone app automatically logs the time of intake and boasts of several features, including time zone adjustments, proactive educational tips, symptom tracking, and actionable insights customized to her Pill-taking habits.



Grow together, grow smarter

AdaViv is a hardware-enabled, predictive agriculture company. Keeping “24/7 eyes on the plants,” our sensing and AI and computer vision uncovers hidden plant biometrics and translates data into actionable insights for growers. From disease prevention to rapid experimentation, improving yields and quality optimization, AdaViv helps producers grow smarter.



Aerial intelligence for the construction industry

AirWorks’ aerial mapping software helps land developers and engineers to evaluate more job sites within their critical planning and acquisition schedules. Through proprietary machine learning technology, we create site plans within a few days, instead of weeks. Our platform will help our clients find existing information in one centralized database, as well as offer the opportunity to order a detailed aerial site inspection cost-efficient and with the quickest turn-around times. The results integrate directly into construction design tools, such as AutoCAD or Revit, allowing our clients to design with accurate existing conditions data right from the start. Make sure your next project is among the 1 out of 3 that stays on budget.



Connecting inquisitive minds

After years of career-centric learning, young professionals find themselves craving intellectual fulfillment. Current offerings lack the intimacy, dynamism, and that creative spark reminiscent of a small class.

Akora is building an online platform to connect these inquisitive minds with their peers and thoughtful instructors. In virtual seminars, they explore their interests and build enduring communities.

Below The Fold

(formerly acciyo)

Your news in context

Reading the news today is like opening a book at chapter three. The characters have already developed, the narrative is already in motion, and you’re suddenly in the thick of it, not knowing how you got here. At Acciyo, we put your news in context. Our debut product is a browser plugin that appears to the right of your screen like a bookmark sleeve, populating an interactive, zoomable timeline of everything published on that subject. We also automatically detect key people, places, and things mentioned to provide you with a quick Wikipedia summary. In a world where falsified news, 24-hour publishing cycles, and endless volumes of content make it difficult for you to keep up…we’re on a mission to make it easier.



Your digital trainer for mental health

Born out of MIT, Buddy is a digital personal trainer for mental wellness. With a mission of empowering young people to think about and act on mental wellness in a proactive way, Buddy helps them understand how their daily behaviors impact their mental wellness and guides them through forming healthy habits.

Centaur Labs

Improving diagnosis with collective intelligence

Centaur Labs is working to improve healthcare through combining crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence. On our iOS app, DiagnosUs, users from around the world can compete with others for prizes by reviewing X-rays for fractures, diagnosing skin cancer in images of skin lesions, or watching videos of surgeons and providing feedback on their performance. By doing so, users can help train the next generation of artificial intelligence algorithms—and themselves —at the same time.



Progressive homeownership

Chord is the home finance company for the millennial tired of throwing away money each month on rent but doesn’t want to take on a ton of mortgage debt in order to buy. Chord provides a flexible, non-debt alternative to a traditional mortgage, giving the power of equity financing to home buyers for the first time. We’ve created a fundamentally new financial product for the consumer, and with that are unlocking a very important new asset class — owner-occupied housing — for investors.

Context Insights

Bridging the data gap in emerging markets

Context is a real-time decentralized intelligence platform for high-growth, data-poor environments. We leverage telecommunications infrastructure in developing countries to crowdsource data instantly and engage contributors with rigorous, field-tested survey and incentive methods. Our platform scales rapidly to generate forward-looking insights to get at the ground truth. We help multinational corporations, governments, and financial institutions to better manage risk and volatility in agricultural commodities and foreign exchange.


Intelligent patient care management platform

daytoday is a comprehensive care management platform that guides patients through their medical procedures and helps them recover and return to normal life. We use a combination of evidence-based medical guidelines and an AI-augmented care coach to guide patients through their personalized care journeys.

We increase profitability for hospitals by boosting patient engagement. This leads to reduced surgery cancellations, lower post-surgery readmissions, higher patient satisfaction, and improved patient retention..


Floating Point Group

Algorithmic solution for alternative cryptocurrency liquidity

Bitcoin and Ethereum make up 70% of the cryptocurrency market. These currencies are well-traded and liquid. The other 30% of this $250B market is traded amongst 300 exchanges, in a highly illiquid and volatile manner ($600 million in fees). Buying just $300,000 of a top cryptocurrency causes a 6% slippage in the market, and affects other markets. This means that tokens/cryptocurrencies outside Bitcoin and Ethereum are not traded, and thus cryptocurrency projects cannot flourish.

Floating Point Group solves this by aggregating liquidity across multiple exchanges, and using unique order execution algorithms to provide the best prices to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. We use millisecond level data-feeds and high frequency infrastructure, leverage our background in statistics and prediction, and are advised by some of the leaders in order routing to build the most efficient execution systems. We allow people to trade the 30%, and save millions of dollars.


Function of Beauty (f/k/a Atolla)

Machine learning platform for optimizing skin health

Taking care of your skin is complicated—most people struggle to find skincare products that are effective because they don’t understand their skin or how to choose products that will work. Function of Beauty is a skin health platform that leverages machine learning to simplify skin science. Our platform helps customers 1) understand their skin with real, quantifiable data 2) formulate personalized products based on their skin data and 3) track their skin health over the long- term. We are passionate about building a new model for skincare centered around empowerment, efficacy, and inclusivity.



Own your identity

Gataca is a global digital ID that provides verified identities to deliver fast and secure customer onboarding experiences. Our mobile identity wallet allows users to store personal data securely and manage access to their digital services all in one place. For companies, Gataca offers identity verification and single sign-on tools to increase customer conversion rates, reduce acquisition costs, and keep peace of mind for data privacy and KYC regulation compliance.


Iterative Scopes

Empowering physicians with computer vision

Colorectal cancer is the second highest cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Every year, 15 million Americans get screened via the gold standard: colonoscopy. However, recent studies have shown that with current technology, up to 25% of potentially cancerous lesions are missed due to optical distortion and difficult-to-see lesions. At Iterative Scopes, we are empowering gastroenterologists with video-based computer vision tools that help them detect lesions, prevent colon cancer, and save lives.



Inclusive home swap community

evio is an inclusive community of LGBTQ+ travelers who trade places to experience authentic getaways as their whole selves. Instead of renting a place to stay for a trip, Levio members add your home to the Levio online platform to unlock a stay at another member’s home. Know that you’ll be accepted as your whole self no matter where you go, all while enjoying destinations through the eyes of those who know them best. Join a community of people who share your values and unlock your travel potential.

Moving Health (f/k/a The Okoa Project)

Saving lives. One ride at a time.

In rural Tanzania and similar areas, emergency transportation is limited to a few options: walking, biking, or taking a motorcycle taxi. All of which are incredibly painful for anyone needing medical attention, and can take a day’s journey of strenuous travel, turning many potential patients away. Moving Health is creating a low cost, accessible ambulance to fill this gap. Our ambulance is a low cost trailer that can attach to the back of any existing motorcycle— utilizing the bikes in the area. It includes a removable stretcher for the patient, room for another passenger, and additional features to maximize patient safety. With our ambulance, people can get to the hospital and receive the care that they deserve.



(formerly Hippo Assistant)

Be intentional

Too often we prioritize all that we have going on except the people we care about most, our friends and family.

Hippo is a social assistant to help you build and sustain the relationships that matter to you. It gives you reminders and recommendations tailored to your unique relationships and timed to fit into your lifestyle. Hippo can tell you how many weeks since you spoke with a good friend…to text your brother his motivational song before his big interview…to remind you to send Mom’s favorite champagne the week before her birthday.

Hippo is designed to understand and support the dynamics of your different relationships and help you take action on the intentions you have.



Empowering enterprises with conversational AI

Posh is a team of seven MIT bachelors and masters graduates developing a powerful, enterprise-grade developer platform for Conversational AI.

The patent-pending platform allows for rapid deployment across any number of channels, and features state-of-the-art contextual understanding.



Find your perfect squad

Online gaming is plagued by toxicity. Voice chat and VR brings strangers in intimate contact, making harassment disturbingly real. A few aggressive actors can ruin the experience for entire communities. Rune solves this problem through a real-time matching service that seamlessly teams up like-minded gamers. Our AI algorithms learn player preferences across games, ensuring ideal teammates even when playing new games. Feedback from teammates rewards good behavior while identity verification helps weed out trolls. Through AI-powered matchmaking, Rune creates a network for amazing shared experiences online.


Secure AI Labs

Connecting AI to healthcare data

Secure AI Labs accelerates medical discoveries by linking Artificial Intelligence to healthcare data inside hospitals, universities, and biotech companies. Using encrypted computation, AI models can safely learn inside medical data networks while maintaining security, privacy, and trust.

Developed at MIT CSAIL and the Media Lab, Secure AI Labs is connecting old data silos with new secure pipelines that deliver AI algorithms.

Secure AI Labs’ patented, decentralized, and encrypted AI platform collectively learns from disconnected healthcare networks to collaboratively build stronger, smarter, and more accurate algorithms that improve patient health.



We keep cities creative

Spaceus transforms vacant and underutilized buildings into collective and collaborative workspace for creatives. We give artists space to make, exhibit, and sell their work in the heart of the city.


Swapping made simple

Swappl is a community marketplace where users can easily exchange goods and services, market their potential, and grow their network. Swappl provides empowering tools to establish and expand our users’ skills/side gigs. Through Swappl’s app, you can swap what you want for what you have!

Swappl is founded by two Afro-Caribbean Master in Urban Planning graduates at MIT, Ayna and Nneka. Beyond their resumes, Swappl’s team is a hybrid between urban planning, technology, and economics. Swappl’s team is passionate about financial empowerment having personally experienced how financial institutions marginalize middle and low income communities. Ultimately, Swappl is disrupting the status-quo around access to finance through tech-enabled bartering.


Construction financials done right

TracFlo is a cloud-based, mobile application for managing the construction change order process, and helps subcontractors oversee and track at-risk work. The team has over 20 years of combined experience in construction blended with 20 years of software development. By creating tools for construction professionals built by construction professionals, TracFlo is building an easy to use system powerful enough to save companies time and money in order to enhance productivity and improve performance on job sites.


(formerly DentistAI)

Digitizing dental diagnostics

VideaHealth’s software automatically detects pathologies in dental imaging, helping dentists avoid missing diseases and effectively communicating treatment recommendations to patients. Today, dentists miss up to 50% of pathologies in dental x-rays. Treatment delays or non-treatment often results in infections, which can migrate to the cardiovascular system and pose severe health risks to the patient. VideaHealth increases revenue for dentists and reduces health risks for the patient in a $134B U.S. industry.



Protecting everyone and everything

Insurance was created to protect people when they need it the most. Yet, under most metrics, consumers do not seem to engage with the product. Premiums are usually expensive and coverage often appalling. And it is always complicated to understand with different policies, renewal dates, and providers.

We have built Waffle to address these issues.

Instead of insuring your car, home, life, or health through multiple products, Waffle insures you as individual through one policy that protects everyone and everything you cherish. Thanks to a revolutionary risk model, Waffle offers protection with no gaps, no fine print, and no hassle.

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