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Early learning, without the screens

By fourth grade, roughly 1 in 3 children in the U.S. is a proficient reader, and 1 in 10 possesses the advanced reading skills needed to succeed in the 21st century economy. As a nation, we have spent billions of dollars trying to ensure that all children can read well, but we have never substantively engaged the stakeholder who is there the most—and cares the most—about an individual child’s reading success: the parent.

Most parents don’t realize what it takes to read well, or understand that language and literacy skills accumulate over time, beginning at birth. They don’t know to initiate thoughtful back-and-forth conversations as a way to propel reading-related skill growth, or how best to use books as a platform for learning.

Abound’s research-based app is designed to fit into the busy lives of parents, and to build children’s reading-related skills through sweet and easy interactions each day.


Acoustic Wells

Intelligent IoT for the Oil and Gas Market

Acoustic Wells provides industrial IoT solutions to maximize oil field efficiency and reduce environmental impact through the use of unique sensing technologies and proprietary algorithms. We built our IoT system to operate and last even in the most remote, toughest conditions. By integrating edge computing with the power of the cloud, our plug- and-play solution is simple to use, yet highly efficient, and allows operators to do real-time automatic control of their wells. Acoustic Wells reduces the need for the painstaking task of daily inspection of wells while providing operators much more fine-grained, actionable data.



Helping people breathe easy

Atem enables patients with asthma/COPD to take control of their health. Inhaler technique and adherence are key aspects of good lung health, but it can be tricky to stick to the right regimen. Our device automatically tracks when and how your inhaler is used, then provides personalized feedback in a companion smartphone app. With Atem, patients, caregivers, and doctors can proactively manage respiratory illnesses to stop attacks before they happen.


Building AI technology for better gut health management

Struggling with gut symptoms can make anyone feel frustrated and powerless—for 1 in 5 Americans, this is an everyday reality.

auggi is a digital gut health coach that uses the power of data and artificial intelligence to guide you towards a symptom-free life. auggi equips you with AI-backed tools to track diet, symptoms, and stool in a way that is simple and tailored to you.

By recognizing patterns, enabling self-experimentation, and connecting you with healthcare and nutrition experts, auggi empowers you to take back control of your life.


Boom (f/k/a Alpaca)

Helping people find their homes

Boom is a tech start-up disrupting the apartment rental space. The team has helped over 4 million roommates, renters, and landlords through the process of finding a home. Boom’s AI manages the largest network of housing Facebook groups in the world, active in over 200 cities.



Flexible childcare. Because life happens!

Parents’ childcare falls through all the time. Meanwhile there are a number of excellent childcare centers with unutilized space. That’s where Easel comes in. Easel is an online platform that provides parents with fast and easy access to quality childcare at local, licensed Childcare Centers…even at the last minute.

No more scrambling to find last-minute child care or waiting hours for that emergency babysitter whom you’ve never met to be alone with your child. With Easel you can have the support you need to help your family flourish.


Skin care so personalized that it evolves with you

At Elemen, we develop ultra-personalized skin care products that are uniquely formulated to incorporate both your product preferences and your individual skincare needs. Unlike traditional brands that promote a one-product-fits-all mentality, we offer customers the power to choose what product properties matter the most to them. Our founding team members have extensive backgrounds in both the beauty industry and biochemical manufacturing, with PhDs from MIT in materials science and AI. Together we have built an automated intelligence system that enables our product formulations to constantly improve and adapt with the customer’s changing needs and preferences. So our product evolves as you evolve.


A digital community for working-class Americans

At Hardworkers we are excited about tech innovation and its impact on the future of work, but over 50 million working-class Americans don’t feel that way. They feel anxious and neglected. While there are countless professional communities available to white-collar workers, the working- class doesn’t have a dedicated digital medium to express their profes- sional selves. We established Hardworkers with the simple vision of bringing workers together to navigate the world full of driverless cars, cashier-less stores, and AI-enabled warehouses. Our mission is to connect working-class Americans, make them feel supported, and help them take full pride in the hard work they do.


Haystack Ag

Empowering a new generation of farmers

Hemp has been described as a “wonder crop” that can be used to create everything from paper, plastics, and textiles, to biofuels, food, and medicine, all while improving soil quality and sequestering carbon. Banned for over 80 years, hemp was re-legalized in 2018, allowing farmers to cultivate this valuable resource once again.

Haystack Ag is using portable sensors to empower a new generation of farmers to grow their crops more profitably by collecting high-quality biometric data and building an “agronomic insights engine” that helps farmers understand how weather, soil, and nutrition affect crop quality and yield.


Haystack Health

Intelligent chronic disease management platform

Hypothyroidism affects 15 million Americans, disrupting their daily lives and often causing them to suffer from severe fatigue, weight gain and hair loss. At Haystack Health, we are shaping the future of chronic disease management, starting with hypothyroidism, by building a virtual care clinic that is data-driven, comprehensive and accessible to better serve patients.


Solving urban sanitation, now

The rapid pace of urbanization is straining infrastructure in cities across the world, in particular, sewage waste management. Over 60% of sewage waste in developing countries goes into the environment untreated.
This results in massive socio-economic losses and public health risks. Insanirator builds robust and adaptive fecal sludge and septage treatment systems. With patent-pending technology developed at MIT, these modular systems completely eliminate disease-causing harmful pathogens while converting the waste into electricity, clean water, and agricultural minerals.

Insanirator systems are designed for densely populated and congested cities in developing countries. We are building resilient cities of the future that enable people to lead healthier, more prosperous and equitable lives.


Live Sports Markets

Fantasy sports shouldn’t end when the game begins

Right now, casinos in the sports betting industry make their money when you lose. At Live Sports Markets, we’re changing that by building a platform that allows fans to compete against other fans during live games rather than against us. We want to be more like your friend at the bar rather than the house that only wins when you lose. To this end, customers only pay us fees when they win, which means we’re rooting with you not against you.

As the legal environment evolves, Live Sports Markets is first creating a fantasy sports app. Neither season-long nor daily fantasy sports allow you to play at the best time: during the actual game! Fantasy sports shouldn’t end when the game begins. Our integrated social platform empowers friends to keep in touch, talk trash, and compete with experts, enabling you to play fantasy sports on your terms.



Explore the city in a new way!

Traveling to a new city is exciting, enriching, and fun. At least, that’s what we hope for. However, not only do we have little time to do a lot of things, but we can end up wasting a significant amount of time and money doing things we don’t enjoy.

At Lynx, our goal is to help tourists make the most out of their time, in a fun, convenient, and eco-friendly way. We have started by offering medium-term rentals of electric scooters, providing tourists with a hassle-free solution for a memorable experience.

Let’s discover the city in a new way!


Mantle Biotech

Extreme biology. Extreme impact.

Mantle Biotech is producing low-cost, robust, and accurate medical diagnostics to address unmet needs in global health. We engineer binding proteins that can accurately detect disease biomarkers in patient samples, using directed evolution to modify heat-stable proteins that originate from microbes found in hot springs. Our high-throughput development processes enable us to produce new diagnostic capabilities 2-4 times faster than the industry standard, yielding high-quality binding proteins that are hundreds of times more stable and affordable than traditional reagents. These versatile reagents can be adapted to a range of diseases and test formats, enabling our team to address pain points throughout the broader diagnostic industry.



Smart apparel for superior workouts

The human body moves in beautiful and complex ways—especially in athletics and exercise. Yet current wearables aimed at helping consumers are not able to understand our body movements holistically. This gap in insight often leads to performance plateaus while increasing injury risk. At Nextiles, we want to change that.

Nextiles is a smart apparel platform that combines age-old textile manufacturing with modern computing to help people understand, analyze and improve how their bodies move. By combining comfortable athletic apparel with software, our platform can measure and analyze biomechanics without the need for sports performance labs or expensive, high-end cameras.

We are passionate about helping people move better, improve their health, and reduce the risk of exercise-related injuries.


Ocular Technologies

Diagnostics at the speed of sight

Patients have limited access to eye specialists when and where they are needed most. This is especially true for urgent eye care. At Ocular Technologies we are bringing eye specialists closer to patients by enabling an automated, remote eye exam. Our device, Ocular-1, automates a traditional eye exam and sends a video of the exam to an eye specialist for review. Better diagnostics at the point of care improves outcomes and reduces cost to the patient and the healthcare system.



One-stop shop healthcare platform with a personalized navigator

In Brazil, 75% of the population doesn’t have private health insurance (~156M people). They rely on the public system while waiting up to six months to have access to a specialist and receive a diagnosis for their disease.

Our solution is Precavida, a matching healthcare platform with a personalized navigator. We connect uninsured patients to the right healthcare providers, giving them access to same-week appointments and high-quality affordable healthcare.



We scale low-touch customer success with machine learning

Churn is an existential threat for B2B SaaS companies. They hire customer success managers to retain their highest-value customers through 1:1 relationships, but struggle with maintaining a human connection with hundreds of lower-touch customers.

Quantifai is a machine learning platform that helps scale customer success by solving the most painful problems with managing large portfolios: identifying who to reach out to, when to reach out, and what to reach out about.

With Quantifai, customer success teams can be proactive in reducing churn and increasing up-sell opportunities.


Season Three

Boots for humans

Season Three is a direct-to-consumer apparel brand that recognizes that cities weren’t built for today’s nomadic humans, and that society still places people in boxes. We design products functional enough to withstand blunt-force trauma, and stylish enough to wear to the Met Gala. Our first product is a technology-driven, fashion-forward, all-weather boot that is handmade in Italy.



Preferred drinks, preferred location

SirMixABot is a robotic bartender giving you the drink you want, where you want it. We bring cocktails to you in a social, safe, simple way that improves the culture of your workplace and brings joy to your community. With users being our number one focus for the product, we strive to provide the best experience for anyone interacting with SirMixABot, and deliver the cool, customizable and communal product they ask for.

Aiming to make the place we spend most of our time in more fun and exciting, SirMixABot is the powerful centerpiece that brings people together in a way that’s never been done before. We serve your preferred drinks in your preferred location. Cheers!


Spatio Metrics

Enabling a future in which every building makes us healthier

Spatio Metrics unlocks architecture as a new tool for advancing health and wellbeing by bridging the gap between design, data, and performance. We help hospitals manage their facilities with a dashboard that shows how each of their spaces influences their patients’ health outcomes. Our product analyzes floor plans, reveals design gaps, and recommends day-to-day performance improvements. By quantifying the human and financial impact of design, hospital administrators are empowered to make smarter design investments.



Buying tires made easy

Buying tires just got a whole lot easier. Using our proprietary algorithm, TireTutor’s online platform provides transparent tire pricing and unbiased recommendations. We connect consumers with the best deals on tires from local dealers—saving time and money.

Not only do we make it easy for consumers to buy tires, we are also digitizing the tire industry. With our dealer management software, TireTutor helps shops optimize their supply chain, improve their online presence, and close more business.



Enabling financial inclusion through affordable and scalable data solutions

Banks and insurance companies rely on customer data to assess creditworthiness, risk profiles, and claims. For most small-scale farmers around the world, the cost of collecting this data is prohibitive, and prevents banks and insurance companies from providing key services such as loans and insurance to many of the people who could gain the most from them. Using a camera mounted on a light manned aircraft, we provide objective, plot-level data on what farmers have planted and how their crops are growing, enabling financial institutions to provide the services smallholder farmers need.



(formerly CaroCare)

Personalized, on-demand care for new parents and their babies

At WellNested, we believe new parents and babies deserve equal amounts of love and attention in the fourth trimester. In the absence of the proverbial “village” of close family and friends, the modern family is left alone to piece together the care they need, often too little and too late. WellNested is designed to support new families from the moment they leave the hospital, addressing their physical, emotional, and baby care needs in the critical 8 weeks postpartum through a combination of in-home and remote care, supported by a curated provider network, and 24/7 access to professional advice.

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