2020 Demo Day Webcast

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2020 Teams

Aimvest Technologies, Inc.

Goal-based investing 2.0

Aimvest Technologies provides an asset management platform to financial planners. We allow them to set precise targets for their clients’ portfolios and our quantitative risk-management models manage risk in real time to optimize for the probability of hitting these targets. In contrast to tedious risk-tolerance questionnaires and arbitrary risk scores that fail to maximize such probabilities, our scientific approach to risk-taking helps planners have a meaningful and trusted dialogue with clients, and reconciles budgeting with investing.



Perfect temperature, better sleep, better you.

AuraBlue is a cooling mattress pad for the 81% of women who experience sleep disruption due to hot flashes during menopause. AuraBlue’s cutting edge sensing bracelet has the ability to predict hot flashes and actively adjust the temperature of our mattress pad. Our algorithms learn users’ sleep patterns and hot flash profiles over time. Our hardware pairs with our app to deliver sleep metrics and recommendations, giving women back the sleep they deserve.



The best hire ever

The Business Process Outsourcing industry regularly experiences turnover above 50%. Working with limited data and the pandemic- induced elimination of in-person hiring events, recruiters need a better way to predict which candidates will deliver a strong ROI.

Contack uses patent-pending machine learning algorithms to predict the Employee Lifetime ValueTM for customer service agents in large contact centers. Hiring Managers can use our software to assess candidates and select the best to increase the return on their firms’ recruiting and training dollars.



Sit at the harvester’s table

“Fresh” shouldn’t be ambiguous when buying seafood, but it is. The vast majority of seafood sold at grocery stores and even fish markets is labeled ‘fresh’ or ‘just arrived,’ but due to opaque and complex supply chains it was likely harvested a week or more ago. We’ve built an e-commerce company that simplifies the supply chain and provides complete transparency by empowering off-loaders and harvesters to ship seafood directly from the dock. We provide small, family harvesters access to new customers and the tools to ship nationwide. E-Fish customers trust us to find and provide consistently high-quality products, delivered right to their doorstep.



The smart solution to ice dams

Ice dams—dangerous ice and water buildup on roofs—cause $9.5B in damages on properties across the U.S. each year. Floe is an MIT & Yale startup developing a smart, cost-effective, and environmentally- friendly solution to provide asset protection and peace of mind to commercial property owners and managers. Our product autonomously monitors and predicts ice buildup using its advanced sensor suite. Once proper conditions are detected, it responds by depositing a small volume of a non-corrosive, biodegradable, and pet & plant-safe deicing fluid to create channels in the ice to discharge the snowmelt.


Let’s Get Set

(formerly Earned Credit Project)

Financial security for hardworking families

Earned Credit Project is helping hardworking families become financially secure by helping them navigate their finances with confidence. Our financial platform is the first-of-its-kind to offer tools and resources tailored to parents making less than $40K. Without a comprehensive guide, these 40 million households cobble together different budgeting, savings, and tax solutions that don’t work for them and result in mistakes and missed opportunities that cost them thousands of dollars. Our flagship product links tax time to financial goals, ensuring that families get $34B in unclaimed credits to maximize their refunds, and then use those refunds to advance their financial goals like saving for their child’s future.



Postpartum recovery: there is a better way

While childbirth is miraculous, it is a physically traumatic and emotionally isolating experience. Almost all new moms who give birth vaginally experience a painful tear that can drastically affect daily life. Recovery takes weeks to months, and yet moms are just sent home with ice packs. They silently recover, while focus switches to the baby.

At MomMe we are passionate about giving moms the agency to proactively promote healing rather than just treat symptoms. Our vision is to develop a suite of connected health wearables that improve both physical and emotional recovery.

Our first postpartum wearable product aims to promote vaginal healing and reduce pain by applying a soothing mechanotherapy regimen. Our research-backed technology is natural, drug-free, and safe for breastfeeding moms. Importantly, our connected app serves as a platform for device control, and mom-centric postpartum education, support, and care.



Make the right choice, on you

Young women live busy lifestyles and enjoy shopping online but deciding what clothes to buy is time consuming and returns are a hassle. Every year, $40B is lost on returns in the U.S. from online apparel sales; 70% of these returns are because of fit. MYAVA takes the uncertainty out of the purchasing decision by providing fit and style recommendations utilizing customized avatars and hyper- personalized recommendations. Current competitors provide product recommendations based on generalized measurement algorithms. With MYAVA virtual try-on, the customer can see how the clothes will fit on her body enabling her to shop with confidence.


NRICH Invest

Making it easy for college students to start investing

NRICH makes it easy for college students to start investing with our personalized #StartNow survey. When you take our survey, we generate a recommendation for you so you know what investment account is right for you. If you don’t feel ready, don’t sweat it— come to a Zoom event and join our community of peers figuring out the same thing.


Born again baby gear

Preloved is a parent-to-parent marketplace for preowned baby gear. Fast-growing babies lead to short product life cycles calling for a solution that enables high-quality products to be used to the fullest potential before becoming waste. Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to the circular economy, by creating a verified marketplace for outgrown baby gear.


Explore quantum computing

qBraid is working to create and prepare the quantum workforce: making quantum programming easier to learn by making it easier to do. We offer a simple cloud environment to write quantum code, compatible across all quantum hardware, and interoperable with all quantum algorithm development tools. This includes integrated course and tutorial material to streamline the process of learning, building, and deploying quantum-enabled solutions.



The power of knowledge and change for your health

As we begin to reopen, it can be difficult to know what are the right things to do for our health. This fall, 5 million college students will be returning to campuses, creating concerns for student health and safety. At Respezy, our goal is to increase safety for students and reduce monitoring and enforcement challenges for colleges. The Respezy app uses a risk assessment model that produces an infection risk score based off of the student’s environment and activities. The app allows students to plan and track their daily behaviors and lower their health risks. The app can predict potential safety issues on campus and allow colleges to prevent them. After the pandemic, we plan on helping millennials adopt healthier behaviors by integrating more application and technology into our platform.


Low carbon hydrogen for the oil and gas sector

Hydrogen produced by fossil fuel reforming (96% of total H2 production) contributes to 2.3% of global warming emissions. At Thiozen, we invented a novel process that generates hydrogen for oil and gas that is 25% less expensive and 80% less carbon intense than current production methods. We do this by recycling hydrogen at an oil refinery from a waste gas, hydrogen sulfide. The value of our process is threefold: 1) we safely process hydrogen sulfide, 2) we generate valuable hydrogen gas, a crucial input to refinery operations, and 3) we provide an attractive investment opportunity that helps decarbonize the oil and gas sector.



The bra minimum

Undergarments and outer garments are developed in isolation, limiting the effectiveness of both and forcing women to choose between style and support. TORSO imagines an alternative way of dressing––we elevate essentials into essensuals: sensual silhouettes that coalesce a styled outer layer with soft, sewn-in support. Combining elements of athleisure, lingerie, and contemporary fashion into one seamless solution, TORSO allows women to reveal themselves in a fashion that is effortless, elevated, and embodied.



Establish your online presence; enhance your practice

WellMode is a growth platform that helps wellness entrepreneurs create and promote their digital offering. In an increasingly digital world, it is imperative for wellness entrepreneurs to establish an online presence. We believe digital wellness is here to stay.

WellMode enhances the teaching experience through optimized web and video content to serve students online. We offer tech- enabled services to edit, host, and monetize video. WellMode creates new revenue streams for our partners and frees up time to focus on teaching and meeting their students outside the studio.


Additional teams

Our 2020 MIT delta v cohort started at 17 teams strong. But during the summer, two of our student startups were presented with opportunities that required them to make a decision: to either continue in our accelerator or follow a different path that would mean leaving the program before Demo Day.

As we do for all of our teams on any important choices they make in these early stages, the EIRs provided guidance, answered their questions, and ultimately left the decision to the entrepreneurs. These teams will always be part of the delta v family and we look forward to seeing their future growth.


Assetario uses cutting-edge machine learning and data science to help free-to-play mobile games grow revenue by streamlining and personalizing in-game purchases. The company fills in the areas where game developers are missing expertise while saving them hundreds of hours. Assetario was founded by two MIT Computer Science and Engineering students, Jacob Chudik ’20, and Matej Novak, SM ’20.

Encora Therapeutics

Encora is developing a patent-pending, affordable, discreet, and noninvasive device which helps to mitigate the symptoms of neurological movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease or Essential Tremor. These devices will allow users to regain independence and control in their lives. Developed out of the MIT 2.009 “Product Engineering Processes” course, the company is co-founded by four MechE alums, Alli Davanzo ’18, Kyle Pina ’18, Daniel Carballo SM ’20, and Trang Luu SM ’20.

Encora Therapeutics

delta v as in Virtual

When MIT closed in March — in the middle of applications — we pivoted our accelerator into a high-touch, fully-remote experience by thinking like entrepreneurs ourselves.

Why Board Members Give Back

Why do our delta v Board members donate their time and talent to advise our student teams year after year? Because they get out of it as much as they put in.

MIT delta v Alumni Stories

When Covid-19 hit, our delta v alumni teams needed to adjust in order to survive. Thankfully, going through our accelerator prepared them to be resilient and responsive. These are the stories of Biobot Analytics (2017) and co-founder Newsha Ghaeli, Atolla (2018) and co-founder Meghan Maupin, and Rune (2018) and co-founder Sanjay Guruprasad.