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2021 Teams

Almond Fintech

The friendliest way to access and transfer money across providers and borders

Almond is building an international bank transfer system, without the banks. There are over 250 distinct mobile wallet apps in Southeast Asia serving about 300M users. However, most mobile wallets are siloed within their own network and do not allow for money transfers between different wallets and across borders. Interoperability in digital financial services can facilitate a projected $3.7T increase in GDP across developing countries by 2025.

Almond is a remittance solution that integrates this disconnected network of apps. Users send money directly on their phones, quickly and affordably. Almond is the friendliest way to transfer money without borders or banks.


The easiest way to say ‘yes’ to help

1 in 5, or a total of 53 million adult Americans, are now unpaid family caregivers. Many are doing this alone without a way to accept help from family and friends. Carestry is the Care Registry that allows you to seamlessly and effectively harness the support of your community by showing them what you need most.


Using AI to revolutionize our fight against heart failure

Heart failure is the leading cause of hospital stays in the U.S. Nearly 7 million Americans suffer from heart failure, resulting in over 1 million admissions and $12 billion in hospitalization costs annually.

Treatment response is often variable. Empallo uses machine learning to unlock hidden information and harness insights from vast amounts of patient data. Our solutions help clinicians personalize treatment plans and deliver the best care.

Fit for Everybody

Design better. Shop better.

Fit for Everybody is closing the gap between designers and shoppers by collecting measurements from real women. We simultaneously help designers optimize sizes and shoppers find flattering fit. Our vision is for a more efficient, sustainable, and enjoyable fashion future in which designers and shoppers are connected through our platform.


Havvi Fitness

Your best workout is still ahead. Curated. Authentic. Free.

Excellent home fitness shouldn’t be exclusive. Havvi is a premium fitness experience for free.

Our free-to-play model brings HIIT, Yoga, Core, Steps, Strength, Cycling, and more. Find the right workout based on the equipment you have, the time available in your day, and target areas.

With social, commerce, and challenges launching soon, creators and users have closer ways to interact, engage, transact, and achieve fitness goals together.

From creators you know. From creators you’ll love to discover.

Hibiscus Monkey

Skincare must not stop at the face

Your face makes up only 5% of your skin. The remaining 95% is on your body – your scalp, neck, elbows, underarms. But think about how much time, effort and money you spend on your face care, and how little you spend on your body care. Obsession with the face has made body an afterthought, but your own body cannot be an afterthought.

We are on a mission to become India’s first body specialist brand. One that is powered by 100% natural formulations, ancient wellness rituals and India’s digital commerce revolution. It’s time to put body centerstage.

Hyperfan (f/k/a flairr)

Artists live here

Professional artists face a dilemma in which they struggle to continuously engage, expand, and monetize their fanbase and supporters beyond their inner circle without devaluing their image and their work. They do not have a centralized place online to build a community of fans and fellow artists and profit from their work.

Our answer is Hyperfan, a centralized virtual community for professional artists to interact with their fans, connect with fellow artists, and grow their artistic careers through a monetized feed, professional multimedia portfolio, and live streaming.

Invictus BCI

Uncompromised. Unconquerable.

At Invictus BCI we do right by amputees. Current bionic prosthetic hands are capable of only a few basic grasps, difficult to control, and often stop working in the presence of sweat or after limited use. This gap between the needs of amputees and performance of bionic prosthetic hands is so frustrating that more than 60% of amputees give up on using their prosthetic.

We are currently creating a non-invasive neuroprosthetic brain-control interface (BCI) that will enable amputees to control their prosthetic just like a real hand. Our BCI leverages new advances in sensor technology (EMG and EEG) and deep learning to create a more intuitive, robust control system capable of decoding individual finger movement.

Ivu Biologics

Delivering the future of microbes

Microbes permeate most aspects of our health, food and environment but we have only scratched the surface in harnessing their power as most die before they are delivered and utilized. Ivu Biologics is a technology platform focused on manufacturing, storing and delivering these fragile organisms across various sectors. Our initial use case is in the agricultural space where we deliver fragile microbes to seeds to improve yields, even in saline environments. We use biodegradable, non microplastic materials that lower our environmental impact on our food and water systems while working to ensure a net zero carbon future.


Helping you kick the habit

In the United States, 20-30% of adults bite their nails chronically. This habit affects multiple aspects of their lives such as their self-esteem, work-life, and relationships. Many have tried to stop nail-biting multiple times on their own with little to no long-term success.

At KickbitApp, we help people stop their nail-biting habit by creating a custom plan and matching them with helping products so they can grow their nails and confidence.


Providing access to affordable architectural and engineering services to families in Latam

Every year, 66% of the Latin American population moves into self-built houses. For low and middle income families, professional services are inaccessible, resulting in structurally flawed homes and overspending. LA FIRME makes architectural and engineering services affordable by breaking down the full professional service into small units that families can access at their own pace through our digital platform. We complement these services with a digital record of their home and an educational component to increase their construction knowledge.


Matching empty space with lonely cargo

Cargo airplanes fly nearly half empty! Today, the logistics side of the air industry remains analog with simple bookings taking days and rates held as trade secrets.

Pelicargo aims to disrupt air cargo with a marketplace that allows any freight forwarder to instantly book space with airlines. Our business empowers over 100,000 small freight forwarders to secure the best possible air cargo rates by democratizing digital interfaces, deploying modern network optimization, and promoting price transparency all while improving the carrying-efficiency of resource heavy airplanes.

Project Restore Us

Hospitality. Community. Value.

Project Restore Us (PRU) brings the wholesale grocery pipeline’s cost-effectiveness and efficiency closer to the homes of food-insecure families in the Greater Boston area. Our primary focus is working with our community organizations as partners to cater to families in need. We then vend at local and accessible farmers markets with culturally appropriate staples. By leveraging the restaurant supply chain, we and our team of volunteers have helped mitigate food insecurity by serving 750,000+ pounds of food to 2,000+ families.

Project Us

AI for inclusion

The past decades have brought unprecedented progress in our understanding of and fight for inclusion. And alongside people like us, leading organizations have become increasingly committed to diversity…of all kinds.

Yet, we are still at the beginning of the road. Too many inclusion programs fail to reach their desired goals, and some even end up deepening divides. And almost none of the existing efforts make use of the other great leap of our century – technology.

Project Us uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and advanced bio-signal processing to help people grow into more inclusive leaders and organizations make tangible progress towards building more diverse cultures.


Revenue generating tools for the creator economy

Creators continually lose out on 45-65% of potential revenue because they can’t convert audiences on social media into repeat customers. Algorithms and lack of data visibility mean creators don’t really own their fanbases.

For fans, there is no easy way to have intimate experiences with all their favorite creators because most monetization is focused on paid member- ships which makes it difficult to support beyond their top 1 or 2.

Rivet lets creators quickly set up a personal fan community platform and web- site that fans can sign up to. Creators build repeat customers through owning their fan data, increasing digital and physical product sales via gamified engagement scores, fun rewards, and exclusive offers that drive revenues.


Building better pesticides

Robigo is engineering the plant microbiome to reduce disease in crops. Unlike existing pesticides that indiscriminately kill microbes across the plant and soil and wreak havoc on the environment, our technology specifically targets pathogenic bacteria, allowing the plant and beneficial microbes to continue growing disease-free. We’re creating the next generation of sustainable microbial pesticides that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic to field workers, and will enable more fertile soils that are rich with beneficial microbes.


Helping brands work together to sell more

Acquiring new customers as an online brand is 5x more expensive than it was a few years ago—and it’s only getting worse. With advertising channels more saturated than ever before, stores are finding it harder to build brand awareness and reach more customers.

Sidewalk helps brands that are targeting similar demographics work together to grow their stores. Our platform makes it easy to form partner- ships and enables partners to sell each other’s products. Not only do these partnerships drive a risk-free increase in average order value, they also allow the partnered brands to be introduced to a whole new customer base. Join Sidewalk in building the digital network that helps brands connect and grow together.


Automation for any warehouse

Stack aims to automate warehouses for the sub-hour delivery of e-commerce. This fast-growing market, however, is characterized by having very small and dynamic facilities of a couple of thousand square feet. Hence, our solution is designed to be simple, modular, and easy to scale. This way, different from existing technologies, our system can fit in any warehouse–regardless of size, shape, or budget.

Surge Employment Solutions

Connecting employers and returning citizens

Surge Employment Solutions is a workforce development, staffing, and mentoring company for formerly incarcerated people. Our organization has established a talent pipeline—built on partnerships with a network of community partners—that guarantees the best talent for employers who are committed to hiring returning citizens. Surge’s post- placement coaching and mentoring services allow new employees to excel, improving job retention and satisfaction for employers and in turn saving them thousands of dollars in recruiting costs. Together, we can dismantle employment discrimination.

Underdog Coaching

Impactful mentorship, one call at a time

Admissions teams across universities are strapped for resources and continuously seek to attract the best talent. So much so, that they spend over $12B in recruitment efforts every year.

Underdog Coaching makes it easy for admissions to leverage their most valuable asset, students and alumni. We onboard current students and alumni who want to mentor from the comfort of their dorm or room while owning their schedule. Through our mentorship matching platform any prospective student can search and find individuals who are willing to share their best advice on traversing the application journey and insights into campus culture.