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Trust Center Director Bill Aulet & MIT Sloan Dean David Schmittlein

Ben & Jenny’s

2022 delta v co-leads & Trust Center EIRs Ben Soltoff and Jenny Larios Berlin

Our 2022 Teams


Digital banking for African communities

We help African migrants get their first US bank account and debit card just before arriving in the US, move their savings to the US after arriving, and help with zero-fee remittances when sending money back to Africa.


Revenue-maximization-as-a-service for SMBs

Most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) make pricing decisions using intuition and inefficient methods (the old school way) yielding sub-par profits. However, with recent advances in Machine Learning, such decisions can now be made optimally using data to maximize profits. We bring models for data-driven pricing to millions of SMB owners worldwide, starting with B2C Fast-Moving-Consumer-Goods (FMCG) companies in eCommerce.

Congo Clothing Company

Impact never looked so good

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is home to the 21st century’s most precious minerals. But this vast wealth fuels armed conflict. As a result, 48 women are raped every hour and survivors are often left to fend for themselves. Worse yet, most consumers with the income to make a difference are disconnected from this reality.

We are unlocking the transformative power of fashion to raise awareness about the issue of rape in war and upskill survivors through our novel C3 impact framework.


Custom creations for any universe

Makers are independent craftsmen who want to turn their passion into profit, but struggle with discoverability and lack business experience. These talented artists often fight social media algorithms for reach and track their projects on Post-It Notes, which hinders their growth. Custom goods, projects designed on a client-by-client basis, exponentially complicate these problems. Cosmosii is revolutionizing the custom creation process by connecting artists with customers and providing digital tools to organize their operations. We are starting our journey by helping costume creators unlock their potential in a community we love: cosplay!

DaVinci Wearables

Smart underwear harnessing the power of the female cycle with precision measurements

Female athletes aged 16 through 35 have many questions for their healthcare providers regarding fitness habits, cycle, and physical health, but no data to quantify their observations. What if we could precisely measure fitness, cycle, and physical health multiple times per day providing trends via a mobile application empowering females to optimize performance goals based on their female physiology and cycle? Our underwear harnesses the power of the female cycle with precision measurements so athletes can use cycle data to understand and optimize monthly performance goals.


Helping filmmakers move faster to craft magic

After a film shoot wraps, it takes weeks to manually prepare the footage before editing can begin. Backing up data, labeling and sorting shots, syncing audio and visual feeds, removing sound artifacts – there are countless essential processes hidden behind every production. And for both indies and massive studios, a single organizing misstep can delay a project by months.

Kino makes media management automatic. Unlike other platforms that host this organizational work, Kino tools eliminate the work. Not weeks, minutes. No confusion, no delays. Powered by AI.


Helping women prioritize their social lives

Making friends as an adult is hard. Livvi is here to help.

Livvi is a social discovery app for women that helps them find social circles as they enter new stages of life such as joining the workforce or moving to a new city. As our post-pandemic world becomes even more virtual and work-from-home becomes normalized, women are left with less structured spaces to socialize. Livvi bridges this gap by matching women in compatible groups of 4-6 and nudging them to meet in-person. Women have more fun together, and Livvi provides a safe and effective way to enhance their social lives.


Surface engineering for energy efficiency

Mesophase designs revolutionary surfaces inspired by nature. Our technology’s extraordinary heat transfer and anti-corrosion properties have extremely broad applicability: improving energy efficiency, eliminating scaling and fouling, and preventing corrosion in ovens, power plants, and anything in between.


An AIoT system for pressure injury or fall prevention

Pressure injuries and falls cost US healthcare $61 billion per year. Moshion is a pressure injury and fall prevention system designed to personalize care while empowering nurses. Using real-time sensor data and the power of Machine Learning, the system performs patient risk analysis to prevent these life- threatening events. We have the expertise, passion, and advisors needed to make pressure injuries and falls a thing of the past.

Multitude Insights

Intelligent tools for public safety

Multitude Insights builds intelligent tools for public safety. Our first product, BLTN (“bulletin”), automates information sharing between police departments. Police using BLTN are more efficient, save on labor costs, and solve crimes more quickly. Officers can easily share information with other departments on the platform or quickly reach out for help on crimes they’re unable to solve. NLP technology scans through reports and surfaces the most relevant information to each user. This cuts down on manual coordination over email/phone, increases overall coordination and informational accuracy, and speeds case closure rates.


Helping healthcare providers uncover and act on unpreviously undiscovered social needs

Social determinants of health (SDOH), such as food insecurity, can impact up to 80% of a person’s health. Healthcare providers are increasingly incentivized to help, hoping to avoid poor health outcomes and high cost of care. However, they are ill-equipped to act due to staffing shortages and clinical workflow disruptions.
At Oasis, we are enabling providers to efficiently identify and address patient social needs at scale.


Focus on the science, not the setup

In cutting-edge research, large datasets require custom code to analyze and integrate. However, there is currently no way to easily reuse shared code or data, so researchers waste time re-inventing the analysis wheel for previously published work, which holds back scientific innovation. Ontologic’s platform helps researchers analyze, share, and reuse data and code. It packages user-generated code that can run on the cloud with the click of a button. By making collaboration easier, we accelerate discovery.

Our Kaia

Ayurveda inspired period wellness

Period cramps are a painfully large problem – 90% of people who menstruate experience period cramps globally. Most people simply live with the pain or use relieving techniques that either damage their health or compromise their independence as they are bedridden. Dot. by Our Kaia is the first natural, Ayurvedic, non-invasive roll-on solution that helps soothe period discomfort. We are on a mission to create a community of empowered people who can take charge
of their period wellness.


Proactively developing adolescent mental health

Each year approximately 1 in 6 (~2.5 million) adolescents create a detailed plan to commit suicide, and 1 in 12 actually try to. Something is wrong with how we handle adolescent mental health. We believe it is due to a lack of proactive guidance that builds fundamental psychological capital.

Rooted in behavioral science, PAIRA helps adolescents build mental fitness by developing resilience, productivity, and positive self-care habits.


(f/k/a/ Dapken)

Personalized pharmaceutical care for every patient through automations

Medications are confusing. Our healthcare system has limited resources and can’t provide medication management that meets patients’ daily needs. This results in poor health outcomes for patients and unnecessary spending for our healthcare system.
Our scalable technology solution augments the health system’s clinical team and provides automated patient education, efficacy and side effect monitoring, and more. This improves clinical insights, patient engagement and satisfaction, health outcomes, and reduces clinician burnout. With Dapken, every patient gets the care they deserve.

Seia Bio

(f/k/a Pharmor)

Protecting microbes so they can protect the planet

We protect biofertilizers from processing stressors, enabling sustainable, bountiful food production.

Microbes in the soil are nature’s fertilizer, helping plants thrive. Current farming practices kill these microbes, and efforts to develop microbial fertilizers to replenish the soil fail because those microbes have been impossible to manufacture, until now. Pharmor coatings are inexpensive, easy-to-apply protective shells that enable the production and transport of these essential microbes, enabling food security and sustainable agriculture.


Curating skincare through AI

Skincare is over a $100 billion industry growing at 5% annually. Yet consumers express dissatisfaction with product efficacy, skin reactions, and cognitive overload with product offerings. They’re struggling to know which products are most compatible with their unique skin needs. At Skinfluence, we’re empowering women to make informed skincare purchases through predictive analytics.

With over 20,000 different products on the market, we help women navigate the landscape to find products that make them feel great in their skin.

Something Brazen

The professional community for millennial women

We help millennial women find their professional community. Women make up 60% of college graduates and 50% of the workforce in the United States. Yet, 60% of millennial women experience professional isolation and loneliness. Something Brazen exists to meet their needs. Our initial offering features in-person professional support groups of 5-7 women guided by trained facilitators. These curated communities work through challenges, milestones, and transitions as women progress in their careers.


Interactive, personalized digital textbooks for schools

Even in this digital era, 80 percent of the schools use primitive teaching content. Digital classrooms are mere internet versions of conventional classrooms. Students are not engaged and teachers are unhappy. At Vizuara, our single mission is to deliver the highest quality 3D, gamified, AR/VR augmented digital content to schools. We make it easier for schools to transition to digital learning through curriculum alignment, seamless integration with the school’s learning management system, and teacher training modules. The result: teachers become super teachers and students become better learners.


Victory over Type2 diabetes

We are team Vizzhy. Vizzhy means victory, the victory over diabetes, which affects a half billion people on earth. Traditionally diabetes has been managed symptomatically by controlling sugar levels using medications, which leads to lifelong complications from head to toe.

Vizzhy addresses the root cause of diabetes, the insulin resistance, using its proprietary AI model, which matches CGM data to the individual response to food and lifestyle resulting in a precision nutrition and diabetes remission care plan incorporating life and behavioral changes to reverse diabetes.


(f/k/a Eraverse)

Creating a new era of interaction

Our generation spends a lot of time on social media but our connections there lack depth. Eraverse is a mobile app for students to create and connect with their communities through fun virtual worlds. We’re putting the social back into social media!


Guiding Latin Americans through their financial journey from financial planning to smart investing

Zumma is a money management platform that guides Latin American underrepresented groups through their financial journey from financial planning to smart investing, starting with women. With Zumma, people will be rewarded for taking good financial behaviors, manage and track their finances, and save and invest in personalized portfolios (including bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and alternative investments) in order to reach their financial goals.

2022 Cohort

MIT delta v is MIT’s student venture accelerator, providing a capstone educational opportunity for MIT student entrepreneurs that prepares them to hit escape velocity and launch into the real world. We will announce the teams that make up this year’s cohort closer to Demo Day in September.

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