NYC 2017


DeepBench connects expert advisors with those who need their insights, accomplishing this by arranging paid one–on–one phone consultations, written response Q&A, or in-person interviews. DeepBench’s vision is to help every person with complex questions gain access to high–quality answers.

EasyEmail (formerly Point)

EasyEmail is an AI-powered tool that finds important tasks in your business email and automatically writes replies within seconds. A task that would normally take 10 minutes now takes only
10 seconds and allows workers to power through their inbox and handle more of the tasks they need to do their job.


An estimated 10–20% of the $200B spent in renovating spaces every year is cost overruns and delays caused by inaccurate measurements and other surprises. Hosta’s platform uses video from a smartphone camera to draft interactive, 3D architectural models using artificial intelligence.


On any night, 50 million bedrooms sit empty across the U.S., many belonging to older homeowners whose lifestyles have changed. nesterly digitally connects these homeowners to young renters interested in paying part of their rent by doing tasks around the home.


PicFic bridges the disconnect between writers and audience by providing an online publishing platform that combines the best of social media and publishing. A picfic is a serialized story uploaded on a weekly basis that readers decorate with fan art and fan fiction. PicFic redefines reading as a truly social experience.



International money transfers are too expensive in the developing world even though they’re a vital source of income. SendFriend uses blockchain to make transactions less expensive, faster, and more secure.





Synaps Labs

Synaps Labs developed eyes and brains of digital billboards, using AI-enabled machine vision to analyze makes and models of cars passing by billboards and triggering targeted ads in under one second.