MIT Civil Rights Immersion Trip

An immersive, student-led academic trip across the American Southeast that explores the history and contemporary legacy of the Black Freedom Struggle, popularly termed “the Civil Rights Movement.”

Students bear witness to the movement by walking in the footsteps of those who put their lives on the line to fight for racial freedom and justice. The end result is participants come away with:

  • a deeper understanding of systemic inequality
  • improved perspectives on effective leadership
  • an ability to design solutions with racial justice at the center.

As part of the Immersion Trip, students hear from current organizations and leaders that are taking the legacy of the civil rights movement and applying it to the current circumstances of their communities.


Key civil rights history and moral vision

Unfinished legacy: economic empowerment & justice


Harm, memory, and memorializing struggle

Building equitable, just, sustainable communities


Retaliation and resilience in the center of inequity

Environment, health, and security towards justice

2023 Immersion Trip Schedule: Jan 26 – Feb 3

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Additional Resources

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