Apply for 15.378 for Spring 2024

deadline is Thursday February 1st.

Building an Entrepreneurial Venture (15.378) aka “GSD”

Traditionally, 15.378 aka GSD, is an intensive, project-based class that is offered in both the fall and spring semesters. The course is limited to 6 startup teams who apply, pitch, and are selected to take part.

You’re a good match for GSD if your team:

  • has been working on this venture together for at least one semester;
  • has taken “New Enterprises” 15.390;
  • has run tactical experiments, and have implemented metrics based on these experiments.

Teams in 15.378 are looking for accountability, a small cohort setting, and motivation to push your venture forward at a rapid pace while dealing with the typical noise and distractions of a semester.

  • The course consists of weekly lessons, class discussions, homework, and 1:1 mentorship.
  • All teams interested in being part of GSD will pitch their ventures at the first class session.
  • Only 6 teams will be accepted following these pitches.
  • At least two team members from your venture must be available to participate in the class.
  • No solo founders may take part 

Please email one of the course instructors (Kosta Ligris) if you have additional questions.

Building an Entrepreneurial Venture vs. Tactics (15.388)

GSD is a less structured course that focuses on providing you with time to work on your venture while receiving one-on-one coaching and mentorship from the teaching team each week. The course helps you to stay accountable and covers a different topic each week. GSD is very selective with only six teams each semester. Students must apply and pitch in the first class session.


Tactics is a course that focuses on helping entrepreneurs develop skills to advance their ventures. It focuses on three primary themes: market testing, product development, and resource acquisition. The course provides some structure to help you learn the skills and apply them within the context of your venture with dedicated workshop time in-class each week.

Looking for more information on what GSD is all about?
Read our blog post that provides an in-depth look.