For investors, deciding whether to invest money into renewable-energy projects can be difficult. The issue is volatility: Wind-powered energy production, for instance, changes annually — and even weekly or daily — which creates uncertainty and investment risks. With limited options to accurately quantify that volatility, today’s investors tend to act conservatively.

An MIT spinout, EverVest, has built a data-analytics platform whose goal is to give investors rapid, accurate cash-flow models and financial risk analyses for renewable-energy projects. Recently acquired by asset-management firm Ultra Capital, EverVest’s platform could help boost investments in sustainable-infrastructure projects, including wind and solar power.

Ultra Capital acquired the EverVest platform and team earlier this year in order to leverage the software for its own underwriting and risk analytics. The acquisition by Ultra will enable the EverVest software to expand to a broader array of sustainable infrastructure sectors, including water, energy, waste, and agriculture projects.

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