By Colin W. Barry, VentureFIzz

“If you’re looking for another dating app, you won’t find it here,” Bill Aulet, the Managing Director of MIT’s Martin Trust Center, joked. “We wanted our entrepreneurs to create companies with a social purpose.”

On September 9, the Kresge Auditorium at MIT was the stage for the early-stage startups in the school’s delta v accelerator. It was their annual Demo Day event where students, alumni, the press, and investors were welcome to take a seat and see what early-stage companies were in attendance.

For the 2017 delta v cohort, Aulet spoke about how the delta v program has grown since its inception and told the crowd this is the largest cohort since its inception. This year, 21 companies have started through the cohort. This year is also the first time the program accepted students and alumni from other schools, as Aulet wanted the program to bring more inclusiveness to the program.

Each year, the event invites a guest speaker. In another first, Aulet welcomed a delta v alumni: Shireen Yates, Co-Founder, and CEO of Nima Labs. Yates took the stage to talk about her time spent in the accelerator. Yates also gave a brief history of Nima.

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