In Boston this weekend, software developers, hardware engineers, artists and entrepreneurs gathered for the Hacking Arts 2016 conference and hackathon at MIT.

Of twelve finalists, the following teams took top honors.

  • Best All-Around Hack: Harmony Space
  • Best All-Around Hack, First Runner-Up: Revive
  • Best All-Around Hack, Second Runner-Up: möbel
  • Hackers’ Choice: Inkfinity

Hackathons are typcially hosted by corporations or schools to promote certain technologies, drum up new product ideas, and identify potential recruits. But the Hacking Arts event calls on participants to try something a bit more grandiose.

Interdisciplinary teams are asked to “design and create a prototype that enhances the arts, [or] improves access to the arts,” and could “change the world through technology and the arts,” according to the Hacking Arts 2016 website.

Hackathon organizer and Sloan MBA candidate Helen Smith said this year, 250 people were invited out of a pool of 700 applicants. Ultimately, 177 participated, 58% of them women and 87% of them students, mostly undergraduates. Most were from Boston and New York, but others flew in from universities around the country.

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