Hundreds of companies, such as HubSpot and Lark, have gotten their start in MIT Sloan’s New Enterprises class, a well-known course that began in 1961, said Bill Aulet, managing director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship.

The MIT Sloan class, which is open to all students, as well as cross-registrants from Harvard University and Wellesley College, gives students who want to start their own companies the chance to make detailed plans for a startup. It also attracts students who want to know more about how entrepreneurship works.

The elective class, offered each semester, has an average of 250 students enrolled each year. Aulet, who is one of the instructors, said it has been a springboard to successful startups because it is practical and based on “a structured process built on the great academic environment here at MIT.” Students from Harvard and the other schools at MIT contribute to the class’s success, said Aulet, who is teaching the class this semester with professor Christian Catalini.

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