Amazon Books is pleased to announce the release of “Celebrating Entrepreneurs: How MIT Nurtured Pioneering Entrepreneurs Who Built Great Companies,” written by MIT Professor and Trust Center Founder and Chair Ed Roberts. The book is available in both Kindle (and other electronic downloads) as well as paperback formats.

As a way to help provide more background about the book’s content as well as to promote its wide availability, a new website — — provides more details about Professor Roberts, the book itself, and a direct link to purchase it from Amazon at a discounted early sales price for both electronic and paperback versions.

It has taken a half century to transform MIT from its unique historic traditions to its present day recognition that forming new innovation-based companies is indeed the most powerful source of impact upon the world.

In his praise for “Celebrating Entrepreneurs,” MIT President Rafael Reif exclaims, “An entrepreneurship tornado continues to blow at MIT. The energy of entrepreneurship rises through our classrooms, labs, and centers. It is central to who we are as an institution for 50 years of extraordinary achievement.”

The first half of the book focuses upon MIT’s history of creating from scratch what we lovingly call the “MIT Entrepreneurial Ecosystem,” from which we have dramatically impacted the U.S. and then brought our ideas and programs worldwide to many countries. Much of what the school has done has literally been copied by other institutions world-wide. Still more of what we have learned in building MIT’s Institution-wide programs have been adapted as needed to fit other surroundings.

The second half of the book contains four chapters of great interest to current or would-be entrepreneurs. These tell the stories by the pioneering entrepreneurs themselves who formed and built the life sciences and biotechnology industry, the Internet, from CAD-CAM to robotics, and even “modern finance”.

The final chapter extends into more recent examples of interviews and company histories focusing on areas from software to electronics to new diverse companies and founding teams, now from all over the developing world. This last section provides dozens of examples and case studies of entrepreneurs who started and built highly successful firms, many of which you will instantly recognize.

The Trust Center is proud to be part of MIT’s rich entrepreneurial traditions and to have Professor Roberts as our founder and chair. In addition, ALL author royalties from the sales of “Celebrating Entrepreneurship” will be donated directly to endowment funds that support MIT-wide entrepreneurship programs, so we encourage you to purchase a copy today!