Amy Keohane

Amy has spent 30+ years building brands and businesses in both corporate and early-stage ventures. She brings a deep expertise in the consumer mindset of women to her current role as a Senior Brand Strategist at Mission Minded, a strategic communications firm that works exclusively with non-profit organizations. As VP of Consumer Marketing and SVP of Digital Strategy, she helped grow InStyle from inception to the leading multi-platform franchise in the industry. In the past 10 years, Amy has applied her operating and marketing skills to both executive and consulting roles at a range of tech-enabled startups that solve problems for women.

A passionate advocate for safe and sensible gun laws, Amy is on the board of Connecticut Against Gun Violence. She also devotes time to career counseling asset-constrained individuals seeking to re-enter the workforce or advance to the next level. A graduate of Brown University (BA, Economics) and The Kellogg Graduate School of Management (MBA), she lives in Riverside, CT with her husband. Their nest is empty but they enjoy traveling to visit their four kids that reside in many time zones, from Paris to Brooklyn to Los Angeles.

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