Katie Hunt

Katie Hunt was the third employee of Warby Parker, where she worked in operations, marketing and social media. She left Warby in 2013 to found her own strategy consultancy where she has worked extensively with startups in branding, product development, marketing, operations and fundraising. Past and current clients include Hinge, where she served as the Interim CBO and lead the charge for their new product, brand and relaunch, AB InBev (Budweiser/Michelob), Soludos, The Arrivals, WinWin, and Onomie. Katie is also the co-founder of The Fund which is a VC fund made up of a community of over 80 New York founders and operators, and the co-founder and CRO of SHOWFIELDS, the most interesting store in the world, which is disrupting brick-and-mortar retail for digitally native brands.

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