Tommy Long

Tommy Long


First ever entrepreneurial venture when you were younger

I sold poetry to classmates in 4th grade. I think I sold them for 10 cents apiece. I actually employed three classmates with really good handwriting to copy the originals and one big kid as a bodyguard. We went under after a week or two due to bad customer service (I gave a kid I didn’t like two copies of the same poem and he complained to the teacher who shut us down).

Most influential book you’ve read

“Notes from Underground” by Fyodor Dostoevsky

The thing you do away from the office that keeps you sane

Dynasty fantasy football … oh, and spend time with my wife and daughter.

Advice the you of today would give the you of your college years

Be more outgoing. Engage with more people

Best part of your job

Seeing the amazing things the students are working on.

Responsibilities here at the Trust Center

I’m the head of operations so I try to keep things like technology, space, and general operations running so the students and staff can focus on what they’re working on.