MIT delta v
MIT delta v Accelerator

Creating the next generation of innovation-driven entrepreneurs.

MIT delta ν is an educational accelerator for MIT student entrepreneurs to help them accelerate their growth in building viable, sustainable ventures.

Learn more about how teams take part in the summer-long program by reviewing our FAQ and Guidelines pages and enjoy reviewing the Demo Day presentations from our 2017 teams as well as a complete breakdown of the participating teams from prior years.


  • The program is a capstone educational opportunity for MIT entrepreneurs before they launch into the real world.
  • We take the best teams with an interesting idea or proof of concept and focus on creating impactful, innovation-driven startups.
  • For summer 2017, there were 21 teams that spent their summer months working full-time at the Martin Trust Center with an emphasis towards:
    • Team building / organization development and dynamics
    • Understanding their target market, customers, and users
    • Learning the mechanics of venture creation (company formation, legal, financial, raising money and more)

2017 Demo Day Program