It’s No Guessing Game: Why You Need to Scale Predictably to Grow Your Business

April 19, 2018

this article originally appeared in Inc. in December 2017 by Donna Levin How do early-stage companies position themselves for growth? Before scaling, founders think about the following five things according to Donna Levin, social entrepreneur and...

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Where are the Hungry Dogs? A Look at Entrepreneurs in the Nordics

April 18, 2018

When you think of an entrepreneur, you probably conjure a picture in your head: a tenacious achiever, a passionate risk-taker – essentially one of the “hungry dogs.” But culturally, this is not a universal characterization. I was recently invit...

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The Entrepreneur’s Journey: Alex Bratianu

April 17, 2018

by Dylan Walsh Alex Bratianu, who has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, never planned to be an entrepreneur. He was sitting on an airplane one day when a voice came over the intercom and announced a 30-minute delay: the plane needed ...

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MIT Innovators: Christina Chase [Lecturer, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science]

April 16, 2018

Christina Chase is a Lecturer in MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and a former Entrepreneur in Residence at the Martin Trust Center here, at MIT. During this audio chat, Christina offers tips for students working in ...

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The Entrepreneur’s Journey: Hasier Larrea

April 9, 2018

by Kara Baskin Hasier Larrea SM ’15 grew up in northern Spain, where he studied mechanical engineering. Coming to MIT was a culture shock — mainly due to housing costs. “I learned about lack of space the hard way while looking for a studio apar...

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MIT Innovators: Abe Stein [MIT Sloan School MBA Candidate]

April 6, 2018

Dom Smith chats to MIT Sloan School MBA Candidate about his own experience with startups, and get some key tips on finding the perfect co-founder, and maintaining motivation through your own personal growth, and business idea development.

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MIT Innovators: Aline Oliveira and Fabricio Pezente [Proventus]

April 5, 2018

We chat to Aline Oliveira (CEO) and Fabricio Pezente (Head of Product Development) of Proventus about their goals to support America's farming community with their new start-up venture.

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MIT Innovators: Martin De La Herran [Program Coordinator for delta v]

April 2, 2018

Dom Smith chats to Martin De La Herran, Program Coordinator for delta v about his new role at the Martin Trust Center, as well as his own entrepreneurial goals for the future.

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