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Trust Center Director Bill Aulet + MIT President Sally Kornbluth + Chair of the MIT Corporation Mark Gorenberg

delta v Through the Years

The student teams aren’t the only ones who innovate. See how our accelerator has changed for the better since its launch in 2012.

Our 2023 Teams

Agrichat AI

Unlocking agricultural research

Population growth and climate change have escalated the risk of famine, affecting millions of lives. To combat this, global institutions invest billions annually in agricultural research. Unfortunately, this crucial knowledge remains inaccessible to farmers, trapped in research papers, PDFs, and blogs.

Agrichat leverages the power of generative AI to consolidate agricultural research, enabling farmers to conversationally
access timely insights tailored to their unique farming conditions. At the same time, the researchers and institutions who produce this research gain the ability to assess the needs of their communities and measure their collective impact.

Ape Fitness

Stop monkeying around

At Ape Fitness, we know that a client’s satisfaction directly influences their loyalty to a gym. Our device empowers trainers to give their full attention to clients, while effortlessly tracking performance. When clients see and feel their progress, they stay motivated, leading to increased retention. Enhance your gym’s efficiency, elevate the training experience, and keep your clients coming back for more.

AugMend Health

Complementing therapy with self-guided virtual reality

AugMend Health helps large mental healthcare clinics with large waitlists give back time to their therapists by integrating a self- guided VR intake program that streamlines patient onboarding and maximizes clinician efficiency. Our innovation engages patients, reduces waitlists, and offers personalized, targeted therapeutic approaches. Using machine learning, we prioritize key information on patients to equip clinicians with detailed insights, while our technology detects early risk factors, improving preventative care. Transforming mental health treatment, we aim to democratize access and provide holistic, trauma-informed care.

Be Your Own Boss (byob)

Virtual manager for content creators

Far too often creators (i.e., social media influencers) struggle to earn money, limiting their ability to entertain, educate and inspire their audience.

“Be Your Own Boss” (byob) empowers creators to focus on creating content, while their virtual manager does all the heavy-lifting.

byob is an all-in-one solution for creators to outreach to new brands, sift through inbound requests, and streamline their workflow.

Join byob in fortifying creative visionaries. Where being your own boss is more than a dream, it’s a reality.

Boston Quantum

Reimagine what computing can do

Complex optimization problems underpin critical decisions across several industries. Today’s classical solutions often fall short due
to their processing limits. Boston Quantum leverages quantum computing to navigate these complexities and unlock solutions previously deemed unattainable, starting with the financial industry.

With an initial focus on currency markets, we use quantum and quantum-inspired algorithms to rapidly uncover high-profit trading opportunities in networks of tens of assets – and hundreds of prices. Compared to classical solutions, our software is 1,000x faster and unlocks thousands of high-profit arbitrage cycles every day.


Reach for the future of trade, today

In global trade, shippers and logistic operators face many financial challenges. We are creating a future where financial processes are streamlined, cash flows are optimized, and SMBs flourish in a connected global marketplace.

International trade, associated with the movement of goods, involves the simultaneous movement of three elements: data, money and finances. As such, SMBs lack control over treasury workflows, suffer extended cash cycles and battle revenue leakage.

Our innovative platform streamlines treasury management workflows, payments and currency exchange to experience seamless international trade with embedded financing.

Eki Agrivoltaics

Farming soil and sun

Eki Agrivoltaics enables the coexistence of agriculture and solar energy by scaling an innovative photovoltaic technology and offering a revenue-sharing model to farmers. We unlock millions of acres of agricultural land for clean energy, generate more revenue/acre, and ultimately empower rural areas. Let’s farm soil and sun, together.


Accelerating health innovations through the power of sleep science

Sleep has long been thought of as a pause in people’s daily lives. However, as the complexities and importance of sleep are being unveiled, we now know sleep is a window to overall health.

The fascia ecosystem entails comfortable yet precise sleep measurements, non-invasive stimulations, and real-time data monitoring. By empowering sleep researchers with such capabilities, fascia accelerates the understanding and improvement of sleep and beyond.

Fazenda da Mamma

Reshaping the food system in LatAm

Fazenda da Mamma delivers organic food directly from small farms to consumers, cutting out the middlemen. Our mission: more profitable food at lower costs. Our unique approach revolutionizes a legacy value chain, captivating a vast consumer base eager for affordable, high- quality nutrition. By leveraging best-in-class technology on widely-used platforms like WhatsApp and our website, we introduce AI-driven intelligence to the buying process. This empowers consumers to swiftly craft their optimal, personalized meal plans and food baskets. All of this is framed within a booming $32 billion industry for convenience and organic foods in LatAm, with a growth trajectory at a 22.5% CAGR. Better food, personalized experience, and lower costs!

Gleen Technologies

Money talks. We translate.

Gleen delivers individualized reporting on how a user’s everyday spending aligns with their personal values. We match user financial transaction data with our database of vetted corporate data to deliver customized, trustworthy, and intuitive impact summaries.

65% of consumers want to support purpose-driven, sustainable brands but only 26% are able to systematically do so. Gleen is on a mission to close this intention-behavior gap by recommending actionable, convenient swaps and offering financial rewards to incentivize shopping at businesses that are more aligned with a user’s selected values. Money talks and companies are listening. Together we can spend our way towards a better future.


Your home is a climate solution. We’ll show you how.

Making your home sustainable can be daunting. From research
to crunching the numbers to finding the right installer, and doing that all on top of your day-to-day, it’s too easy to give up.

Jane is your advisor to help you get unstuck. The Jane platform helps you research your options, guides you through financing options, connects you to vetted contractors, reviews your quotes, and gives you 1:1 support every step of the way. We’re here so that you don’t give up.


Circular plastics. Zero carbon.

Plastics are very useful materials, but their initial value to society becomes a massive burden at their end-of-life. MacroCycle believes that chemistry holds the key to enable fully circular plastics, made without carbon emissions.

Our proprietary process based on the synthesis of cyclic macro- molecules (macrocycles) enables us to produce virgin-grade recycled PET from plastic waste at 80% lower energy use than traditional processes. The remaining 20% can be powered through renewable energy to produce it with zero carbon emissions. Through this, mPET (MacroCycle-PET) resin can be sold so customers can meet upcoming PCR regulations, lower Scope 3 emissions, and eliminate plastic from ending in our oceans or being produced from fossil fuels.


Unlocking global access to medical innovation

At medikana, our core vision is to create transparency within the global medtech industry. Our mission is to increase access to medical innovation by streamlining the complex process of commercializing medical devices internationally through our scalable platform. We are committed to empowering medical device innovators to navigate the international market with ease. We aim to drive the advancement and availability of life-changing medical technologies, with an initial focus in Latin America. Join us on this transformative journey as we revolutionize the way medical devices are brought to market.

Mindful Maverick

Democratizing investing by empowering retail shareholders to have a voice

At Mindful Maverick, we’re on a mission to democratize investing. We empower retail shareholders by connecting them directly to the companies they invest in. With our platform, investors gain transparency on their portfolio’s sustainability and responsible practices. Moreover, we enable shareholders to pool their votes, allowing them to collectively raise concerns and advocate for positive change in the companies they support. Join us in shaping a more sustainable and responsible future for investments, one mindful shareholder at a time.


Seamless interfaces to accelerate research and medicine

At NeuroBionics, we are revolutionizing the field of bioelectronic interfacing. We are driven by a mission to develop the next generation of implantable devices that seamlessly interface with the human body, unlocking new possibilities in healthcare and paving the way for a healthier future. We are leveraging a decade of research in microscopic fiber technology developed at MIT to create minimally invasive implantable devices, capable of recording and modulating activity in the body with unparalleled precision and versatility.

NONA Technologies

Difficult environments, effortless water

Earth faces an alarming freshwater scarcity, impacting developed and developing nations alike. NONA Technologies pioneers a transformative approach to desalination, employing a patented electrical attraction method for salt and pathogen removal from water. Through the innovative Ion Concentration Polarization (ICP) technology developed at MIT, NONA achieves remarkable energy efficiency, reducing electricity consumption by 25%-60% in treating brackish water compared to conventional methods. This breakthrough solution empowers communities globally with sustainable clean water access, enables off-grid mobile water supply, and expands industrial water reuse through cost-effective and low-maintenance brackish water desalination.


nurturing the minds of moms

Mental health is the leading contributor to maternal mortality. Each year, one million US women struggle with postpartum depression. Sadly, 85% of these women remain deprived of the help they need.

nurtur’s revolutionary digital health application harnesses the power of AI to proactively enroll high-risk women in care plans proven to prevent postpartum depression. By teaming up with OBGYNs, nurtur improves outcomes for women and closes gaps in maternal mental health care through evidence-based self-guided therapy.


Powering the refugee-welcoming rental market

Every refugee household coming to the US needs a rental unit to call home. ReHome is an online platform that helps landlords and resettlement agencies create these homes within the Refugee- Welcoming Rental Market.

The foundation of our platform is an easy process for any landlord to open their doors to refugee tenants at Beyond efficient tenant matching, we are building resettlement-tailored real estate services to bring the advantages of the Refugee-Welcoming Rental Market to as many landlords as possible.


Software empowering Southeast Asian suppliers to thrive in global markets

Today, 98% of businesses in Southeast Asia are small businesses, but they contribute to only 45% of GDP and 18% of exports. They lack the tools to export or compete in global markets.

We empower Southeast Asian small businesses to export and succeed on US online B2B marketplaces. Our SaaS leverages AI for automatic content enrichment suggestions and competitor analysis, enabling suppliers to navigate unfamiliar markets at scale. With marketplace integration and a network of retail opportunities,, we equip small businesses to unlock their export potential.


Manage and grow your solo-practice, all in one place

Solo-practitioners (such as therapists, executive coaches, college counselors) love serving their clients, but managing the ‘back-end’ of their practice is not easy: jam-packed handwritten calendars, overloaded spreadsheets, loose client notes, and manual invoices each month. It is no surprise solo-practitioners spend up to 10 hours per week managing ‘back-end’ tasks instead of serving their clients. That’s why we built Soundboard.

Soundboard is the software layer between a solo-practitioner
and their business. We put client-tracking and billing on autopilot, so solo-practitioners can focus on what they love and deliver a better client experience.


Making oral healthcare more effective and accessible

Our teeth are designed on the nanoscale to be hard and strong, but the structure that gives them their strength also makes them impermeable to things we want in and on them.

This impermeability limits the efficacy of current anti-cavity treatments, necessitates the use of a drill to treat many tooth infections, and means that deep stains in our teeth are difficult to remove.

At T33, we are building solutions to deliver any chemical deeply and rapidly into the dental enamel to provide faster and more effective dental treatments.

Yoku Ai

Your virtual mood ring

At Yoku, we are building interactive AI tools for emotional understanding that are instant, hardware-free, and easy to use. We leverage decades of expertise in human perception and research in deep representation learning to gather visual markers of emotion that power generative AI. We empower individuals with automatic mood identification and tracking to increase self-awareness, improve social interaction, and better regulate emotion by translating mood to unique images and videos that can be tracked over time. In addition we help organizations quantitatively measure the impact of new initiatives by seamlessly capturing and evaluating human sentiment.

2023 Cohort

MIT delta v is MIT’s student venture accelerator, providing a capstone educational opportunity for MIT student entrepreneurs that prepares them to hit escape velocity and launch into the real world. We will announce the teams that make up this year’s cohort closer to Demo Day in September.

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