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By application only

Applicants must have at least 3 years of industry experience.

Pre-requisite: 15.311, 15.S61, or demonstrated familiarity with organizational processes


Startups have been very successful creating innovative new products while corporates have been dramatically less efficient.  What can corporations learn from startups – and how might they set up their organizations to get the best of both worlds?

This course will address the practical steps that can be taken to existing organizations (corporations, non-profits, government and more) to become more entrepreneurial via the Disciplined Corporate Entrepreneurship framework.  There are three pillars to this framework:

  1. Strategy: How do organizations decide to invest in multi-year corporate innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives? How do they diagnose and characterize their ability to innovate (or lack thereof)?
  2. Enablement: What tools and programs (such as hackathons, incubators, accelerators, CVC etc) might organizations adopt to solve their innovation challenges? What are the best ways to implement these tools effectively?
  3. Practice: How might entrepreneurial employees combine startup and organizational best practices to build new ventures that have the potential to become their organizations’ growth engines of the future?


This course systematically integrates interactive lectures, case studies, guest speakers and team projects to ensure students learn both theory and practice in every class.


““I love your course! It is my favorite course. I enjoy doing readings before the class and listening to the professors’ experience in the field in the class. What I am learning here perfectly complements my career goals of driving impactful innovations for established companies. Thank you for providing me this opportunity!”

– Nazli Usta, IDM 2021

“I really appreciate the real-world case studies and fireside chats with corporate entrepreneurs as a showcase of how innovation takes place in organizations, what challenges present themselves, how leaders think about those challenges and generate solutions.”

– John Albrechtsen, Sloan Fellow MBA, 2020

“The case studies with practicing corporate entrepreneurs were very simulating, and the class really engaged in helping the speakers solve their problems. Also: Thank you for reacting so quickly to feedback, this is a sign of real agility and corporate entrepreneurship!”

– Mae Tan, Sloan Fellow MBA, 2020

Corporate Entrepreneurship Faculty

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