Team Projects



Teams of 3-5 students will be matched to teams within large organizations who are looking to understand how entrepreneurship can help support existing business strategies. For the purpose of this class, large organizations employ 500 or more individuals and focus on super regional or global markets.

Organizations that student teams select to work with during this class will be required to designate specific individual sponsors. With the sponsor’s support, student teams will look to:

  • understand specific challenges or opportunities within the organization,

  • assess the organization’s current entrepreneurship capabilities, and

  • suggest entrepreneurial tools that the organization can employ to solve the identified challenge or take advantage of the specified opportunity.

Specifically, student teams will deliver a roadmap for the organization to leverage by the end of the class (April 1st).


As an example of a past course:


In Fall 2019, students from the course engaged with 36 corporate leaders from 29 organizations, spanning 18 sectors.