Sector Practice Leaders (SPLs) help the Trust Center staff address the unique challenges that different industries present to our student entrepreneurs. While broad-based entrepreneurship education is essential, there is an additional need to provide knowledge that addresses key obstacles faced when starting companies in specific areas.

Each Sector Practice Leader focuses on fostering a vibrant “eco-chamber” within the overall MIT entrepreneurial ecosystem for their specific vertical and to develop an integrated strategy that allows students to have an exceptional experience through various activities such as:

• Meetings & speakers
• Conferences & symposiums • Competitions
• Hackathons
• Partnerships
• Academic courses
• Networking & mentorship
• Industry outreach

Each Sector Practice Leader serves as a single point of contact for students in these industries. In this leadership role they become not just a source of knowledge and a connector, but also design and drive new initiatives to make MIT a leader in their particular sector. In addition, the creation of communities centered around like-minded people has led to new startups being formed and relationships made that have proven to be the most important takeaways from a student’s time at MIT.

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