What is Venture Creation Tactics?

Are you interested in being able to start a new business? Do you understand the theory and first principles but want more specifics on how to execute them? For instance, do you want more guidance on specifically how to do primary market research, build a product, lock in your first paying customers, recruit a team, and raise money? If so, this class is for you! Venture Creation Tactics focuses on building your specific business, experimenting with the practical skills that will help you to take your work from other entrepreneurship classes and enter the market.

Course includes:

  • Brief weekly videos/readings that introduce the approach for the tactical topic
  • Integrative lectures take a deeper dive into topics described in foundational entrepreneurship courses with a specific focus on how to implement them,
  • Workshops focused on applying the tactics and iterating in real-time, and
  • Presentations and peer feedback sessions to improve applications of the tactics and understand how the tactics can be applied across businesses

It will connect the dots from the frameworks and concepts you learned in the introductory entrepreneurship courses (most specifically to start, 15.390) and guide you on how to tactically apply them in real situations. Think of this as a lab-style class for your own venture where you dive deeper than 15.390 allowed. You can double and triple click on topics with expert mentoring. You will be able to experiment and iterate with an enhanced clock speed in real-time.

Topics are integrated and include but are not limited to, primary market research, enhanced target customer profile and persona development, digital advertising, outbound sales, UX design, rapid prototyping, recruiting early team members, and raising money. While some of the tactics covered in this class are most commonly applied with regard to software-enabled ventures, virtually all tactics are applicable across industries and sectors.

This class is designed to serve students with any existing skill set (hackers, hustlers, and hipsters) who have already taken New Enterprises and who have a venture that they are already working on. Having a team is not mandatory but highly recommended. Any type of new venture is welcome as the tactics covered in this class are meant for personal skill development. Students will be expected to learn all of the tactics regardless of whether specific tactics directly correlate with their current venture or the venture’s current stage.

Students will wrap up the semester having had the opportunity to: conduct robust primary market research, find & sell to customers, build the first version of their product, recruit potential first hires, and plan the fundraising process (if, and only if, fundraising makes sense at the current stage). The semester milestones include:

  1. Completion of advanced qualitative and quantitative primary market research
  2. Early go-to-market execution and collection of the venture’s relevant key metrics
  3. Design and development of the new venture’s minimum viable business product

In essence, this is a much deeper dive into the concepts covered in 15.390/15.3901 or the equivalent courses and allows students to develop their new ventures’ initial assets.


Please email tactics@mit.edu with any questions.

Apply For Fall ’22


15.388 Venture Creation Tactics
3-1-8 (12 Units)

Prerequisite: 15.390/15.3901 New Enterprises or Instructor Permission. Application Required.

Students from all courses and schools at MIT, Harvard, and Wellesley are welcome to enroll.


“I LOVED this class and cannot speak more highly of what I have learned!!!”


“This class has undoubtedly changed how I think about entrepreneurship.”


“I feel that VCT has been deeply transformative in the way I will approach entrepreneurship from now on”