Off the press

Meet the MIT-Born Software That’s the “Grammarly for Legal Contracts”

Klarity, which is powered by artificial intelligence, is not taking the place of legal professionals...

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MIT delta v

Reflections on delta v 2017

The Executive Director of our MIT delta v accelerator program reflects on the positives coming out o...

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Moneyball for Startups

As part of the Fall 2017 Entrepreneurship Speaker Series, we were very pleased to host MIT Sloan Pro...

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From the blog

How Educational Accelerators are Aiming to Neutralize Gender Bias for Entrepreneurs

We’ve heard a lot this summer about outright sexual harassment and discrimination against women in...

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  • Curious how some of the teams from our summer accelerator are doing these days? Enjoy this "Where Are They Now?" piece from MIT Sloan News. ,
  • RT : You can tune in live to the MEMSI (MIT Entrepreneurship and Maker Skills Integrator ) Showcase in Hong Kong at 2 PM HKT on SAT 1/20 (1 AM EST) and witness student teams present their business ideas and connected hardware prototypes to solution the future. ,
  • RT : MAJOR UPDATE: We officially have our dates for Grand Hack 2018. It will be happening Friday April 13th through Sunday April 15th at the MIT Media Lab. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more updates on. Out early bird application! ,
  • RT : More making. We are keeping the equipment very busy here in the MIT HK Innovation Node. cc ,
  • Congrats to our alum on their successful launch of the Hex at CES in Las Vegas. Want to see how their wearable can change how athletes train and perform? Watch their video filmed in a very familiar spot to us. cc: ,