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Can you teach entrepreneurship?

from The Economist The stereotype of a typical MBA graduate is that of a confident, well-dressed per...

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MIT delta v

delta v Speaker Series: Joel Wishkovsky & The Power of a Weekly Update Email

In the very first week of this summer’s accelerator, the MIT delta v teams located at the NYC ...

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Find Your Voice, Own Your Narrative, and Help Your Mentor Help You

In today’s society, there is an awareness that diversity is important not only as a concept, but a...

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MIT delta v

The delta v Culture: 6 Entrepreneurial Essentials at MIT

On June 12, we’ll open the doors to this summer’s delta v cohort, beginning an intensive 3-mon...

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  • We had so much fun celebrating the year 2 launch of in NYC ! Thank you to for hosting us, and to everyone who came! ,
  • RT : Are you an entrepreneur? Are you thinking about applying to Solve? What are you waiting for!? You only need to submit a first draft by July 1. Then our community can help you edit it. With more than $650,000 in prizes, why not take 10-15 minutes to apply? ,
  • Check out the Martin Trust Center blog! Click the link below to read about , CEO of , and his talk about the Power of a Weekly Update. ,
  • The first time for 2018 teams to take part in the weekly tradition of Best and Worst of the Week(TM). Great chance to share successes and struggles while bonding the cohort that they are all in this together. ,
  • Thanks so much for teaching the teams all about business today ... funny business. But seriously, the power of “yes and” is already impacting how they are planning to communicate moving forward. ,