Entrepreneurs in Residence


Entrepreneurs In Residence (EIRs) are based in the Trust Center, and are available to answer questions and refer students to additional resources.

Students can ask questions or request meetings with an EIR by emailing us at eir@mit.edu.

You can also check our Knowledge Base for frequently asked questions as an additional resource.



Professional Advisors

Professional Advisors are highly qualified industry experts and entrepreneurs located throughout the country who offer their time and expertise to provide later-stage guidance to MIT students in accordance with our honest broker policy. Appointments with Professional Advisors are pre-scheduled through the center, and can be requested after an initial conversation with an Entrepreneur in Residence.

Click for a complete list of Martin Trust Center advisors.

BU Law Clinic

The BU Law Clinic assists students with a broad range of legal matters related to entrepreneurship and cyber law, from basic issues associated with the founding of startup companies to novel questions about the application of laws and regulations to students’ innovation-related activities. BU law students, under the direction of experienced law instructors, advise students from either MIT or BU free of charge about legal issues associated with their entrepreneurial and innovation-related efforts.